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Windmill Zero Fat CLA Review

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  Which diet pills are most popular - click to see results Zero Fat CLA is a weight loss capsule with a liquid centre produced in the USA by Windmill Health Products. The company has been trading for over 40 years and produces numerous health and fitness products, including…

Zero Fat CLA Review

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Which diet pills are most popular – click to see results

Zero Fat CLA is a weight loss capsule with a liquid centre produced in the USA by Windmill Health Products. The company has been trading for over 40 years and produces numerous health and fitness products, including anti-ageing creams, moisturisers, and vitamins and minerals.

The only active ingredient in Zero Fat CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is encased in a one-piece “softgell” capsule designed to prevent the oil from leaking out before the capsule is digested. However, as if often the case with such capsules, the casing contains gelatin. This means Zero Fat CLA will be unsuitable for vegetarian or vegan dieters.

According to Windmill Health products, Zero Fat CLA assist weight loss by:

  • Helping to fight belly fat
  • Reducing overall body fat

They also state it can be used alongside any weight loss program.

ZeroFat Diet Pills

What is Zero Fat CLA and How Does it Work? 

Zero Fat CLA is a very simple product that provides the user with 2×1000mg does of CLA.

CLA is a fatty acid that is tolerated well by most people and is quick and easy to digest. The ingredient has been subjected to numerous clinical trials and study results show it has legitimate value as a weight loss aid.

After one 24-month study, conducted in Scandanavia, the researchers concluded: “This study shows that CLA supplementation for 24 months in healthy, overweight adults was well tolerated. It also confirms CLA decreases BFM in overweight humans and may help maintain initial reductions in BFM and weight in the long term.”

A study conducted at the University of Winsconsin was equally supportive of CLA’s ability to encourage loss of body fat, and some studies suggest the ingredient may also have the ability to target belly fat.

For the purposes of a four-week study, conducted in Sweden, the researchers recruited a group of 25 obese middle-aged men who exhibited signs of metabolic syndrome. They wanted to investigate the short-term effects of CLA on abdominal fat, along with any cardiovascular risk factors that may be involved.

Fourteen men were given CLA. The other 10 received a placebo. After they had examined the resulting data the scientists concluded: “These results indicate that CLA supplementation for 4 weeks in obese men with the metabolic syndrome may decrease abdominal fat, without concomitant effects on overall obesity or other cardiovascular risk factors.”

Key Ingredients

Two capsules provide 2000mg of CLA derived from Saflower Oil. There are no other active ingredients.

Usage Instructions – One capsule is required two times per day and should preferably be consumed with a meal.

Zero Fat CLA Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a mix of good and bad.

A few average reviews read:

“This product works good and does not cause side effects.”
“This product failed to measure up to my expectations. There was no weight loss at all.”
“I cannot take supplements that contain stimulants because they make me feel unwell. I tried these capsules because they do not have any stimulants inside, and I consider my purchase a very good investment because I’d lost 12 pounds by the time I’d finished the first bottle.”
“I took a full bottle and these pills but they did not do a thing. Even with diet and exercise they were a washout. I do not recommend this product.”

Zero Fat CLA Side Effects

The only active ingredient is conjugated linoleic acid. It is a natural ingredient that is not generally linked with side effects, but women who are pregnant or nursing a child should never use any form of supplement unless it has been approved by their GP. People who have existing health problems should also seek medical advice before taking supplements of any kind or embarking on a new diet/health and fitness routine. The same advice is offered to people who are taking medication or planning to use two or more supplements alongside each other.

Where To Buy Zero Fat CLA

Although Zero Fat CLA is available from a number of online retailers based in the USA, customers in the UK will probably find it easier to purchase from a supplier that is closer to home. At the time of this review we were only able to find one option: The price was £29.99 per (60 capsule) bottle and there were no additional charges for postage and packaging.


Zero Fat CLA is not backed by a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

CLA is a natural ingredient that is unlikely to cause side effects and has proven value as a weight loss enhancer, so we were a little surprised when we read customer reviews that had been placed by people who said supplementation with Zero Fat CLA failed to produce any results. It is entirely possible that the alleged lack of results may have been due to persistent bad eating habits and/or a lack of exercise. Alternatively, the problem may have been due to the use of poor quality safflower oil, but we find this highly unlikely. Especially given the fact that many customers using the same capsules state they attained good results. However, the lack of a money back guarantee is somewhat of an issue and may prove to be sufficient reason for many dieters to look elsewhere.

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