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Xenical Fat Blocker – prescription only diet pills

Xenical OrlistatXenical is a branded version of the weight loss drug Orlistat. It is only available via a GP and is generally only prescribed to patients who are so obese they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. It assists weight loss by blocking dietary fats, and is very efficient in this regard.

Xeinical (along with Phentermine) is one of the most prescribed  diet pills in the world. It is not legal to buy anywhere with a prescription. You may find adverts on the internet claiming to supply or sell Xenical, Orlistat – be very careful at is highly likely that it will be the genuine, authentic product you will be buying.

How Xenical Works

Xenical is designed to be used as part of an overall weight management program that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. The prescribing doctor will probably provide recommendations on diet and levels of physical activity. Xenical comes in the form of a pill and is generally taken three times per day just before eating any meals that contain dietary fats.

Fat is high in calories. There are nine of them for every gram of fat that is consumed and a diet that contains too much fat can quickly provide the body with more calories than it needs. All the excess calories are then stored as body fat. Xenical can interfere with this process, by limiting the amount of calories fatty foods can provide.

After it has been ingested Xenical makes it way to the intestines, where it acts on the enzymes (lipases) that are required to break down dietary fats and prevents them from fulfilling their function. Three (120mg) doses per day can block up to 30% of dietary fats. Instead of releasing its calories the blocked fat simply passes through the intestines and is passed with the stool.

The volunteers in one 12-month study were placed on a strict low calorie diet and given three doses of Xenical each day. The members of the placebo group had to adhere to the same dietary restrictions. At the end of the study the placebo group had succeeded in losing weight, but the Xenical had lost more than double the amount.

Xenical fat Blocker

Xenical Suitability

Although Xenical can provide powerful fat blocking, it may not be the best option for people who are already following a healthy low-fat lifestyle because there will be very little for it work upon. Xenical is also an unsuitable option for women who are pregnant or nursing a child and may be problematic for people who suffer from certain health conditions including liver or kidney diseases and diabetes. The prescribing doctor will probably be aware of any conditions that may make Xenical an unsuitable option, but not all patients keep their doctor informed if there are any changes to their health. It is important the doctor is made aware of any changes so they can be sure Xenical is the best option.

Xenical Side Effects

Xenical is capable of causing a number of side effects, some of them severe, and is important that patients keep their doctor informed if any negative issues are experienced. The doctor will then be better able to decide if Xenical continues to be the most suitable option.

Xenical related side effects may include:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Kidney-related problems
  • Swollen lips, face or throat
  • Swelling to the ankles
  • Pain when urinating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Feeling tired
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain

Different people respond to drugs in different ways, and some Xenical users may experience little or no negative issues at all. However, due to the way the drug works, most users are likely to notice a difference to the texture of their stools, which will likely be softer and more greasy than normal.

The changes in stool are a good indication that the drug is working in the required way, but problems can ensue if users do not make healthy changes to their diets. If a high amount of fat is present there will be an increased amount of fat to block. This can produce a very laxative effect that creates a need for the toilet that is so great it can take users by surprise. The results of this can be unpleasant to say the least and may cause untold embarrassment depending on where and when the need arises. For this reason, Xenical should never be seen as a cheat pill or a magic ticket that allows the holder to eat whatever they want and still lose weight.

Other Issues

By blocking the digestion of fats in the way that it does, Xenical can also prevent the absorption of beta carotene and a number of fat-soluble vitamins that are necessary for good health. This is problem that can be easily rectified by the use of a good multi-vitamin, which should be taken a couple of hours before or after Xenical is consumed.

Where To Buy Xenical Orlistat

As highlighted above it is not available to buy either in-store or via the internet.


PhenQ-4Arguably the closest diet pill to Orlistat as far as weight loss effectiveness is PhenQ – a non prescription fat blocker, fat burner and appetite suppressant that is both very effective and has an impeccable safety record.

There are many commercial diet pills that can be purchased without prescription ranging from the very good to the very bad and everything in between.

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