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Trimplex Elite Review – Comments, Side Effects Buying Info

 Trimplex Elite
  A lot of people have been contacting us lately and asking for a Trimplex Elite review. This is a pretty tall order, because there is not much information available about the product. We did some searches and found a few sites promoting it, but the sales links provided…

Trimplex Elite Review



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A lot of people have been contacting us lately and asking for a Trimplex Elite review. This is a pretty tall order, because there is not much information available about the product.

We did some searches and found a few sites promoting it, but the sales links provided did not work. We did a little more digging and found the official website, but the home page is just a white screen that informs visitors they are “forbidden” and “don’t have permission to access/on this server.”

This initially lead us to believe the product may have been discontinued, but we pressed on and found a folder on the site that contains a Trimplex Elite website designed for dieters in France. We needed the help of Google Translate, but this gave us the starting point we needed to discover the truth about Trimplex Elite.

Who Makes Trimplex Elite?

The French site does not identify the company marketing the product, but the domain is hosted in San Francisco and, from what we can tell looking at a picture of the front of the bottle, the label is written in English. These things suggests the company originally marketed the product to people in America and/or other English speaking countries.

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What Are the Promised Benefits?

  • Allows you to lose weight without the need for diet or exercise
  • Suppresses food urges
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Burns your stores of fat
  • Protects existing muscle mass

What Are the Ingredients Used in Trimplex Elite?

A full list of ingredients is not provided, but the main ingredient is Raspberry ketone. The formulation also apparently contains some green coffee bean extract. Both ingredients are good, but the inclusion rates are not disclosed and neither one is likely to boost energy levels or protect muscle mass, so the blend likely contains other ingredients that are believed to have these capabilities. But what are they? Nobody should be expected to buy supplements without being informed what they contain.

Blend Potential

  • Raspberry ketone: This ingredient can be sourced from Raspberries or manufactured in a lab. The fruit extract is known to be a powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant. As far as abilities go, the synthetic version comes a poor second. The company behind Trimplex Elite states the formulation contains the fruit extract. If this is the truth it can only be a good thing, but it is possible the formulation may not contain enough.
  • Green coffee bean extract: A popular ingredient that provides chlorogenic acid. It’s a fat burner and fat blocker rolled into one. Chlorogenic acid also helps suppress the desire to snack on sweet food. It’s so powerful green coffee bean is often used as a standalone weight loss provider, but results will only be forthcoming if the pills contain an adequate amount.
Usage Instructions – Two capsules are required per day: one before breakfast and one before dinner.

Have Side Effects Been Reported?

No side effects have been reported, but too many things about this product are unknown, so all potential users should play it safe by getting a doctor’s advice before trying to lose weight with this supplement.

Is There Any Customer Feedback?

Most of the feedback we found was left by customers who claimed they were scammed, but we also found comments that were solely about the pills abilities. Some customers say the formulation works. Others are adamant it does not.

A few average comments read:

“These pills are helping me attain an average weight loss of 1 kg per week.”
“Does not work. Trimplex Elite doesn’t do a thing.”
“I’m halfway through the two week trial and can confirm I have lost pounds.”
“I was eating right and hitting the gym 4 times a week. I thought these pills would speed things up, but it wasn’t the case.”

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Trimplex Elite?

It only appears to be possible to obtain the pills via the French Trimplex Elite website and anyone who wishes to order the product needs to reside in France. A 30-day supply of pills costs €99.89 ($106), but the price is only disclosed on the “terms and conditions” page.

Most website visitors never read pages of this type. The main sales page does not provide a shopping cart facility or a “buy now” button.

The only way to obtain the pills is to pay a small charge for postage and accept a “free 14-day trial”. Sites that are set up like this always set the alarm bells ringing because they are usually designed to encourage visitors to part with their credit card details and hook them into an autoship program. We discovered a “suspected scam” warning that provides further cause for concern.

Is Trimplex Elite Worth Buying?

Raspberry ketone is a good ingredient and green coffee bean extract is as well, so it’s strange to find so many customers stating the pills don’t work.

This suggests the inclusion rates may be too low. Bearing in mind the fact the product now appears to be exclusive to France, most people won’t be able to obtain Trimplex Elite anyway, but anyone who is seriously considering this product needs to bear in mind the fact that it probably contains unidentified ingredients.

They will also need to ask themselves if they really want to pay over $100 per month for a product that appears to only have a 50% success rate. Is Trimplex Elite worth buying? Each person will have to decide that for themselves, but many superior products cost half the price.

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