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Trim X3 Multiple Purpose Supplements

 Trim X3 Review
  Trim X3 is a vegetarian-friendly weight management supplement designed for women. It is produced in America by Betancourt Nutrition and comes in easy to swallow capsule format. Which diet pills are the most popular - click to see results Promised benefits include: Designed to support your weight-loss efforts…

Trim X3 Review

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Our complicated with too many ingredients in our opinion.

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Trim X3 is a vegetarian-friendly weight management supplement designed for women. It is produced in America by Betancourt Nutrition and comes in easy to swallow capsule format.

Which diet pills are the most popular – click to see results

Promised benefits include:

  • Designed to support your weight-loss efforts
  • Helps boost your metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Provides appetite control
  • Creates a feeling of satiety

Trim X3 what does it do

What Is Trim X3 and How Does It Work?

Trim X3 is designed to work in a number of ways that should (in theory) help the user to attain their weight loss goals.

If the promises of appetite suppression and feelings of satiety hold true, the capsules should help users to eat less food each day without the risk of being tormented by feelings of hunger or the urge to snack.

Trim X3 is also designed to function as a metabolism booster. Supplements that can successfully boost the metabolism cause the body to burn calories at an increased rate. When this is combined with a lowered calorie intake it can result in a deficit of calories that necessitates the burning of body fat for extra energy. However, there is a risk that this situation could also lead to feelings of listlessness and fatigue, so Trim X3 contains stimulants to help provide additional energy.

Usage Guidelines  – One (3 capsule) dose is required each day. The capsules should be taken with water, and taking them 30 minutes before lunch should provide the best results. People who are sensitive to caffeine are advised to commence supplementation on a reduced dosage of two capsules per day to enable them to check for tolerance issues.
Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Three capsules provide:

  • Niacin (20mg): Also called Vitamin B3, niacin is a heart-healthy nutrient that provides many health benefits, including the ability to raise HDL cholesterol levels, which in turn leads to lowered levels of (health-damaging) LDL cholesterol.

The rest of the ingredients used in the Trim X3 formulation are housed in proprietary blends.

Appetite Control Blend (800mg)

  • Slendesta Potato Protein extract: A patent protected ingredient that provides a specific type of protein that occurs in potatoes. It allegedly has the ability to promote weight loss by providing appetite suppression, but the European Food Safety Authority evaluated the data provided by the manufacturer and concluded “A cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of Slendesta Potato Extract and reduction of body weight”.
  • Glucomannan: A natural fibre extracted from the roots of the konjac plant. It is generally taken with water, 30 minutes before eating a meal, and provides appetite suppression thanks to its extremely hydroscopic nature. When combined with water, glucomannan fibres expand by an amount that is sufficient to help fill the stomach and quell the desire for food.
  • South African Hoodia Gordonii Extract (20:1): A cactus derivative that retains a reputation for providing appetite suppression despite that fact that its abilities in this regard have been scientifically disproven. At one point Unilever was considering producing a weight loss product that utilized Hoodia, and invested millions of pound in research. In 2008 the company abandoned the idea, stating the ingredient “Did not appear to work for weight loss and it had potentially dangerous side effects.”

Capsimax Plus Blend (263mg)

  • Capsicum Fruit Extract: A powerful thermogen that has the ability to boost the metabolism and initiate fat burning. Some research suggests supplementation with capsicum can cause the body to burn calories at up to 12 times its normal speed.
  • Black Pepper Extract: An ingredient that can assist the smooth absorption of other ingredients.
  • Caffeine Anyhdrous (200mg): A popular source of caffeine that is often used as an energy provider. Other benefits provided may include increased focus, appetite suppression, and enhanced metabolism.

Thermogenic Energy Blend (299mg)

  • Advantra Z (38.5mg caffeine): A proprietary blend that consists of synephrine, n-methyltyramine, octopamine, tyramine, and hordenine. It assists weight loss by speeding the metabolism and encouraging thermogenic fat burning. Advantra Z also provides appetite suppression, but it can raise the blood pressure, so it is not suitable for everyone.
  • Green Tea Extract (6mg caffeine): Green tea is packed full of antioxidants that can provide many health benefits. Studies show green tea also has the ability to speed up the metabolism and trigger fat burning. It has a good reputation for delivering results and is one of the safest and most popular weight loss ingredients in the world.
  • Yerba Mate Extract (5.5mg caffeine): A South American plant derivative that provides caffeine. Yerba mate is often used as an energy providing ingredient. It is also touted to be a fat burner, but this is a claim that is often refuted.

Customer Testimonials

Extensive online searches failed to find any independent customer reviews.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Trim X3 is not a suitable option for pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone who is under 18-years-old. People who have existing health problems, or are taking medication, should seek their GP’s advice prior to using dietary supplements of any kind.

Buying Options

Trim X3 is no longer available from the Betancourt Nutrition website; so it is possible the product is being discontinued. At the time of this review it was still available via, but not from Amazon UK. In fact, the buying options were surprisingly limited. However, the Vitamin Shoppe offers shipping to the UK and appears to still be marketing the product. Their price is $34.99 (£23) plus shipping per (90 capsule) bottle, but consumers need to be aware the product is not backed by a money back guarantee.

Not Recommended

Recommended Alternative

Best diet pills to buyWe cannot recommend Trim X3, it is our opinion that better products exists that can match the claims that Betancourt make.

We rank products based on not only our opinion but from what customers say – we feel this way we can give an unbiased overview of what are the the most effective and popular products to buy .

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