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Traxafen Review – Clinical Strength

 Traxafen review
  Traxafen is a diet pill available via Amazon and eBay and distributed under the AXA Neuroscience brand name. The company does not have an official website, but they appear to be based in the USA. According to the marketing bumph, Traxafen diet pills are a perfect option for…

Traxafen Review

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Traxafen is a diet pill available via Amazon and eBay and distributed under the AXA Neuroscience brand name. The company does not have an official website, but they appear to be based in the USA.

According to the marketing bumph, Traxafen diet pills are a perfect option for anyone who wishes to say goodbye to their excess poundage, but cannot manage to keep their hunger cravings under control. The product is also supposedly the result of years of research and many clinical trials, but no supporting evidence is provided to prove this is true.

Advertised Benefits

  • Appetite suppression
  • Faster calorie burning
  • Regulates thyroid activity
  • Improves mental focus
  • Increases energy levels
  • Promotes extreme weight loss all day long

What is in Traxafen

What Is In The Formula

Each (one capsule) dose of Traxafen provides 377mg of a proprietary blend that contains:

  • Trimethylpurine: Don’t let the fancy name fool you. This is just caffeine. It’s one of the most commonly used stimulants in the world and is excellent for providing an energy boost and improving mental focus. Research shows caffeine can also accelerate the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning.
  • 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan): A stimulant that can encourages elevated serotonin levels and improves the mood. Some evidence suggests supplementation with 5-HTP may also be useful for controlling binge eating tendencies.
  • Yohimbine: An alkaloid extracted from the bark of an African tree. Yohimbine is a stimulant that is often added to weight loss supplements and bodybuilding formulations. The data gathered from one three-week study, conducted in 1991, revealed the volunteers who were given yohimbine lost 3 pounds more than the members of the placebo group, so it is not without value, but the results were anything but dramatic.
  • Schizandrol: A herbal ingredient that is believed capable of boosting mental focus. Schizandrol is also a stimulant, so it will also contribute to Traxafen’s energy boosting abilities.
  • Synephrine HCL: A stimulant derived from citrus aurantium fruit. It boasts proven fat burning abilities, but Traxafen already contains more stimulants than a lot of dieters will be able to handle.
  • Hordenine HCL: Another stimulant and this one is taken form citrus aurantium too. Hordenine is often touted as a fat burner, but it’s abilities have never been adequately researched.
How to Use Traxafen – The capsules should be taken half-an-hour after a meal. Two (one-capsule) doses are required each day.

Traxafen Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews are pretty thin on the ground and suggest the product does not work well for all.

A few average customer comments read:

“Traxafen is good for providing energy, and it’s helped me to cut down on my portion sizes at mealtimes. I’ve dropped a couple of dress sizes since I began using it, so I can assure you it works.” 

“I bought these pills to help me lose weight, but they made me feel so jittery I had to stop taking them after a couple of days.”

“This is one of the best products I’ve tried so far. My energy levels are through the roof and I’ve lost several inches from around my waist.”

“Traxafen gave me the jitters and made my heart start racing, but it did not help me to lose weight. I did find I had a lot more energy, but I would have rather have burned away some of my blubber.”

Traxafen Side Effects & Health Considerations

Some people do not tolerate stimulants well and may experience jitters and other side effects. The Traxafen formulation contains so many stimulants we recommend all potential users seek medical advice prior to commencing supplementation. This is especially important for people who have existing health problems and for anyone using medication. Traxafen will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Where to Buy Traxafen

Amazon and eBay appear to be the only sites actively marketing the product, but there is no way to know if it is Traxafen or a counterfeit. The fact that, in many cases, the Amazon seller identity is marked as “unknown” does little to inspire confidence. The price per (60 capsule) bottle varies from one supplier to the next and can be as low as USD$ 25 or as high as USD$ 80.


Not backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

The Verdict

Very much a stimulant-powered product so it will probably offer more benefit to bodybuilders looking for a pre-training supplement to give them a little extra go in the gym. Bodybuilders tend to use supplements on a long-term basis and build up such a high tolerance of stimulants a stronger product works best.

The Traxafen formulation should also be capable of supporting improved weight loss, but many people searching for a good diet pill might find pumping such a large amount of stimulants into their body causes more problems than it solves.

What Do We Recommend

PhenQ best diet pillWe rate PhenQ very highly in the fat burning/appetite suppressing genre – it a product that has received many positive reviews and testimonials.

PhenQ is also a product that has a long money back guarantee – 60 days in fact, this is something that a majority of competing products do not offer.

Read why PhenQ is so highly rated by clicking here


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