Wednesday , 18 April 2018
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Fenitrol – helps to reduce appetite and burns fat

Fenitrol Website

  Fenitrol is a weight management capsule produced in France and sold directly from the manufacturer’s website. It contains just three ingredients, but if the marketing hype is to be believed this special “cocktail” can provide all the support dieters are likely to need. Advertised benefits include: Helps reduce the appetite Limits hunger cravings Limits overeating Provides increased satiety Helps to …

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Sletrokor UK Review – Impartial review with customer comments

  Sletrokor is a weight management capsule produced in the USA by 18Nutrition. The company states Sletrokor “may” assist weight loss by: Providing appetite suppression Lowering blood pressure Lowering cholesterol Boosting the metabolism Improving the immune system Helping the digestive system Decreasing leptin levels Increasing serotonin levels Which is the UK and Ireland’s most popular and best selling diet pill? …

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Agufen 10 – a diet pill from the French marketplace

Agufen10 customer comments

  Agufen 10 is the “ultimate weapon” and taking just three capsules per day will provide all the slimming properties required to reduce the excess weight according to it’s manufacturers. These are bold claims, but weight loss formulations that have been designed to target weight loss from a number of different angles usually outperform supplements that provide just one weight loss …

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Grenade Killa Ketones – Female Only Fat Burner

Grenade Killa Ketones Advert

Grenade Killa Ketones is a weight loss supplement designed for women. It’s produced in the UK by Grenade, who boasts the capsules are Europe’s best selling fat burner. Although the company (Grenade) are well respected throughout the industry they do not provide evidence to support such a claim. According to the official sales page women store fat in different parts of …

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Carb Ease Plus Review With Positives and Negatives

Carb Esae Plus advert

Carb Ease Plus is a carb blocking product from the USA. The company headquarters is based in Texas, but the popularity of its direct marketing “business opportunity” means AdvoCare distributors can be found all over the North America. The AdvoCare opportunity does not appear to available here in the UK though, so British dieters who are looking for a good …

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Anaca 3 – diet pill from the French market

Anaca3 webiste

  Anaca 3 is made in Europe (France) and incredibly popular in France, Belgium and Switzerland.  This is a big positive because customers should usually receive their order within just a few days of placing the order. Anaca3 attacks excess fat and body weight on many levels. It is a total product with many weight loss success stories. Advertised Benefits Absorbs dietary fats …

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Fat Metaboliser Tablets – Sold At Holland And Barrett

Fat Metaboliser tablets

Fat Metaboliser is a food supplement that appears to be solely marketed via Holland & Barrett. The tablets are manufactured by a company called Nutrition Headquarters. Nothing is known about the company, and they do not appear to have an official web presence, but the fact that a store chain like Holland & Barrett are willing to be associated with …

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Hellfire EPh150 Fat Burner Review

EPh150 how does it work

Hellfire EPh150 is a dietary supplement marketed by Innovative Diet Labs. Very little is known about the company, but the label on the bottle states they are based in California. We searched for a company website, but were unable to find one. All product marketing appears to be conducted via eBay and a number of online supplement retailers, but the …

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HydroxyElite Review – Contains DMAA

HydroxyElite Marketing Message

HydroxyElite is a fat burning pill manufactured in the USA by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (formerly called USPlabs). The pills were brought out to replace one of the company’s earlier products called OxyElite Pro that contained the illegal stimulant DMAA. The FDA took the company to court in 2013 and this resulted in the company destroying their entire stock of OxyElite Pro. …

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XLS Medical Direct Powder Sticks – Positives and Negatives

XLS Medical fat Binding Sticks

The XLS Medical brand is owned by Omega Pharma the company was founded over 25 years ago in Belgium and has since grown to be a major supplier of health and personal care products, and presently owns over 2,000 brands including Solpadine pain killers and Predictor home pregnancy tests. All of the products marketed under the XLS Medical brand name …

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Prescription Only Diet Pills – Popularity and Problems

Prescription diet pills

Dieters today only have to do an online search and they will be bombarded with a mind boggling amount of diet pill options. However, anyone who seeks the help of their GP may very well receive advice about diet and exercise, but unless they are already seriously obese, or their extra poundage is aggravating another health condition, they are unlikely …

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Phentermine – prescription diet pill and alternatives

Phentermine Slimming Tablets UK

Phentermine is a stimulant that is chemically similar to an amphetamine and is often used as a weight loss treatment. Like amphetamine it can be an addictive drug, and its use can also entail certain risks, so it cannot be legally obtained except via a doctor’s prescription. Although the use of an addictive drug may seem like an extreme option, …

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SuperFruit Slim – natural diet pill

SUPERFRUIT SLIM REVIEW SuperFruit Slim is a diet pill designed to help people who are “struggling to lose those stubborn excess pounds”. As the name suggests the pills rely heavily on superfruit ingredients and the manufacturers, Optimum Nutra, have recently made some adjustments to the formulation in the hopes of providing it with even more power. It is suitable for …

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Xenical Fat Blocker – prescription only diet pills

Xenical fat Blocker

Xenical is a branded version of the weight loss drug Orlistat. It is only available via a GP and is generally only prescribed to patients who are so obese they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. It assists weight loss by blocking dietary fats, and is very efficient in this regard. Xeinical (along with Phentermine) is …

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Revolyn – is it worth buying, what do the reviews say

Revolyn website

Nurovyn diet pills accumulated a staggering amount of dishonourable mentions on online complaint sites. ScamBook alone has 10 pages filled with complaints, most of which have been placed by customer who say they never received their orders and were unable to get their money back. Given such a bad press, it is not surprising the product is no longer available, …

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