Wednesday , 22 November 2017
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PhenPhast ADVANCED Review with customer feedback and comments

PhenPhast ADVANCED big

  PhenPhast ADVANCED is food supplement produced in Florida, USA, by NaturaPrime, and marketed via The accompanying sales text is less than generous when it comes to providing information about the product and although it contains plenty of big promises there is very little information to back anything up. Much ado is made about the product’s “key thermogenic driver”, …

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Lipozene Maximum Strength Review With Customer Comments

Lipozene Maximum Strength is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Obesity Research Institute and customers are told they can lose weight and still eat their favorite foods. Lipozene Maximum Strength is produced in capsule form and and the accompanying marketing material states the formulation has been subjected to a clinical study, the results of which showed the participants had lost …

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Glucomannan Plus – Absorbs water in the stomach to make you feel full

Glucomannan is a water-soluble fibre sourced from the roots of the konjac plant

Glucomannan Plus is a supplement designed to suppress the appetite and help people lose weight. It is manufactured in the UK by Evolution Slimming. That alone is a point in its favour because the company has an outstanding reputation for producing weight management products that work. Of course, the past successes of any company do not necessarily mean that all …

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Dianabol Tablets – Legal Dianabol Alternative

Dianabol Methandrostenolone

Dianabol is generally believed to be one of the most powerful anabolic steroids ever to be created, and many bodybuilders and other athletes continue to favour its use even though its detection during pre-competition testing can result in an instant ban. The uses of steroids is also illegal and can entail frightening side effects but, for some people, it would …

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Forza Hydratrim review – appetite suppressant with glucomannan

glucomannan what does it do

  Hydratrim is a vegetarian-friendly weight loss supplement manufactured in Great Britain by Forza Supplements. It is quite a simple product in so much that it contains only one key ingredient, but the ingredient used is a very powerful one with proven abilities. The formulation also contains a little zinc, and it could offer additional benefits, but the main ingredient, …

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Lipophedrine Review – Ingredients, Side Effects and Customer Comments


  Lipophedrine is a weight management supplement produced in Lyon by 3C Pharma. The company is well respected, has been producing nutritional supplements for over 20 years, and offers a good level of customer service via mail, email, and telephone. The Lipophedrine formulation consists of three main ingredients, two of which are proprietory blends. The third is green tea. Many …

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Trim X3 Multiple Purpose Supplements

Trim X3 what does it do

  Trim X3 is a vegetarian-friendly weight management supplement designed for women. It is produced in America by Betancourt Nutrition and comes in easy to swallow capsule format. Which diet pills are the most popular – click to see results Promised benefits include: Designed to support your weight-loss efforts Helps boost your metabolism Boosts energy levels Provides appetite control Creates …

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Diet Pills that Do Not Require A Prescription

diet pills no prescription

Obesity levels in the UK have trebled in the last 30 years. One in four adults is obese and figures provided by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation suggest Britain has become the “fat man” of Europe. This “growing” trend appears to be destined to continue, and estimates indicate over half of the UK’s adult population may be obese by …

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PhenterMAXINE Review with pros and cons

Phentermaxine promotion

  PhenterMAXINE is a diet pill that bears a name that is similar to that of the prescription-only weight loss drug, Phentermine. The product appears to only be available from and the Amazon sales page states the product provides all of the top weight loss ingredients in a single pill that can trigger rapid weight loss. PhenterMAXINE is designed …

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Activ8X Diet Drops – With Free Diet Plan

The hungerless diet plan

  Activ8X is a diet drop produced by Amas Enterprises and designed to provide side effect-free dietary support to people of all ages. According to the product website, people who use the drops can expect a weight loss of up 14lbs per month. Talk is cheap and big promises are common place when it comes to dietary supplements. However, in …

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Lexatrim 2 – thermogenic fat burner

  Lexatrim 2 is an “advanced thermogenic weight loss aid” produced in America by Natural Research Innovation. Very little is known about the company because they do not appear to have an online presence and rely on eVitamins to handle all product marketing and sales. The eVitamins sales page is surprisingly lacking in formation about how the product is supposed …

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5 Ways To Get The Most From Your Weight Loss Efforts

best workout tips

Taking plenty of exercise is a good way to burn extra calories and slim down. It also makes the body fitter and stronger and that’s a good reason to keep active in its self. But whether a specific activity is being perused to provide weight loss, or to improve physical fitness, the quality of the exercise performed is as important …

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Refirm AM Body Burn- Review

Refirm products

  Refirm AM Full Body Burn capsules are manufactured in the USA by the fitness store franchise Complete Nutrition. According to the sales page on the official website the capsules should deliver results for “most people” who are hoping to lose weight. Apparently they are also good for delivering an energy boost that will “kick-off the morning and get you …

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Abrexin – Big In Canada, Not so in the UK and Ireland

Abrexin how does it work

  When people eat a meal thermogenesis is triggered and the body temperature becomes slightly elevated. This causes the body to burn calories faster than normal. Essential Lab states Abrexin can trick the body into thinking a meal has been eaten when it has not. If food was present in the stomach some of the calories it contained would be …

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