Saturday , 21 April 2018
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Trimplex Elite Review – Comments, Side Effects Buying Info

Order Trimplex Elite

  A lot of people have been contacting us lately and asking for a Trimplex Elite review. This is a pretty tall order, because there is not much information available about the product. We did some searches and found a few sites promoting it, but the sales links provided did not work. We did a little more digging and found …

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CelluStepper Review with customer comments


  CelluStepper is a dietary supplement intended to help women get slimmer and say goodbye to cellulite. It’s manufactured in France by NHCO Nutrition and each pack contains two types of pills. One for the mornings and another to take on a night. The company has been trading for over 20 years and produces a varied range of health and …

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Three Time Slim – How Does It Work, Customer Feedback

Three Time Slim feddback

  Three Time Slim is a weight management system developed by Liothyss laboratories. It consists of three separate products that are designed to be used alongside a special diet sheet (provided free of charge). Two of the products are produced in liquid form and are supplied in little bottles that have the size and appearance of a child’s coloured crayon …

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Traxafen Review – Clinical Strength

What is in Traxafen

  Traxafen is a diet pill available via Amazon and eBay and distributed under the AXA Neuroscience brand name. The company does not have an official website, but they appear to be based in the USA. According to the marketing bumph, Traxafen diet pills are a perfect option for anyone who wishes to say goodbye to their excess poundage, but …

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Skinny Minnies Green T Review

skinny Minnies

Skinny Minnies Green T is a food supplement marketed by Skinny Minnies Supplements. The company is based in Wales and distribute their products via an online store that is a little basic, but easy to navigate. There are several other “Skinny Minnies” products, including meal replacement shakes and pre-workout supplements, but the website provides only the briefest explanation of how …

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D-BAL MAX Review – Legal Dianabol Tablets


  The supplement manufacturing company, Bauer, claim their D-BAL MAX steroid substitute product is so good it’s “pure bodybuilding dynamite”, but big promises are a lot easier to make than they are to fulfil, so we thought we’d take a look at the product and see if it will provide the “bang” for the buck they say it will. Why …

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Activ35 Review – What Is In It, Side Effects, Customer Comments

Activ35 how does it work

  Activ35 is a French Diet pill that is apparently designed especially for women who are aged 35 or older. According to the marketing material, metabolic and hormonal changes in the female body make it difficult for women to lose weight when they are the wrong side of 35. The manufacturer also claim their capsule is the first one of …

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Niacin B3 – Great from almost every aspect of health

What does niacin do

Can a simple water-soluble vitamin boost mental focus, help sculpt a new and improved physique, and deliver improved athletic performance? It does not seem likely, does it? But when the vitamin is niacin the answer has to be “yes”. Niacin hold the distinction of being the third B Vitamin to be discovered and, for this reason, it is also known …

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Liporidex PM Review With Customer Comments

Liporidex PM ingredients

  Liporidex PM is a stimulant-free fat burning and appetite suppressing supplement designed to help people to lose weight while they are sleeping. The product is manufactured in the USA by Nuretix Research Labs. The company say they developed it with serious athletes in mind and claim it is an ideal choice for fitness fans looking for a supplement that …

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Meizi Evolution Botanical Diet Pills Review

Chinese Diet Pills

  Meizi Evolution is a diet pill that appears to be made somewhere in China. It’s produced in soft-capsule form and has acquired quite a reputation for delivering results. However, although the product is marketed as a safe and natural product this is far from being the case. In 2013, the FDA analysed the formulation and discovered it contains a …

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Nucific BIO X4 Review, Ingredients, Side Effects and Feedback

Nucific BIO X4 whats in it

  BIO X4 is a “softgel” capsule-type supplement produced by Nucific. The company is based in California, USA, appears to conduct its business in a reputable manner, and has the confidence to back its products with a money back guarantee. According to the sales page, BIO X4 can deliver a number of benefits: Provides appetite suppression Encourages weight loss Promotes …

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Gravitate SuperSculpt and DietVits Review – Glucomannan Diet Pills

Gravitate Supersculpt weight loss pills

  Supersculpt and DietVits are weight management supplements produced in England by Gravitate. For maximum weight loss the two products should be used together and Gravitate shows enough confidence in their creations to back them with a 35-day money back guarantee. Gravitate appears to be a reputable company and their website provides customers with plenty of information about how the …

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Windmill Zero Fat CLA Review

ZeroFat Diet Pills

  Which diet pills are most popular – click to see results Zero Fat CLA is a weight loss capsule with a liquid centre produced in the USA by Windmill Health Products. The company has been trading for over 40 years and produces numerous health and fitness products, including anti-ageing creams, moisturisers, and vitamins and minerals. The only active ingredient …

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Caldoxin Review – Does It Work, Ingredients and Side Effects

Caldoxin Testimonials

  Caldoxin is a diet pill that is marketed in a way designed to make it appealing to people who want to lose weight without putting in any hard work. In fact, according to the manufacturer, Caldoxin is so powerful there will be no need for exercise or calorie counting and users will be able to eat as much food …

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