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NitroSlim – Coleus Forskohlii Extract Diet Pills

 NitroSlim Uk
  NitroSlim is a diet pill that is exclusive to the official product website and is only available to people who agree to accept a free trial of the pills and a use of a companion website. The products seems to be marketed towards customers in France, Belgium and…

NitroSlim Review

Our Score - 38%
Customer Score - 38%


Aimed at the France and the French Speaking market - there does not appear to be an English or UK website.

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NitroSlim is a diet pill that is exclusive to the official product website and is only available to people who agree to accept a free trial of the pills and a use of a companion website.

The products seems to be marketed towards customers in France, Belgium and Switzerland – the French speaking market.

Advertised NitroSlim Benefits

  • Burns body fat
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Provides natural weight loss
  • Builds muscle

Key Ingredients

Each capsule provides an unspecified amount of Coleus Forskohlii.

Coleus Forskohlii PillsColeus Forskohlii is a herb that has been used by practitioners of Ayuvedic medicine for hundreds of years. The active component is forskolin; it can provide many benefits and has even been explored as a possible treatment for some forms of cancer. It is known to have powerful anti-obesity properties and is also capable of boosting testosterone levels, so it is also a common inclusion in supplements designed to improve sports performance and/or encourage muscle growth.

The way Coleus Forskohlii stimulates weight loss is rather complex and stems from its ability to activate an important enzyme called adenylate cyclase. This triggers the release of lipoproteins that have the ability to breakdown dietary fats and use them as a source of fuel rather than store them as body fat.

Coleus Forskohlii is also excellent for boosting the metabolism. A faster metabolism is something all dieters should strive for because it causes the body to burn calories more quickly than normal. This can lead to a calorie deficit that necessitates the burning of body fat.

The results of one scientific study were published in Obesity and were highly supportive of Coleus Forskohlii’s prowess as a weight loss provider. The study period was 12 weeks and 30 obese, males took part. The men were split into two groups. One group was given a placebo twice per day, the other group received 250mg of forskolin (10%) twice per day and by the end of the study period the forskolin users had lost significantly more weight than the placebo group.

Although the value of Coleus Forskohlii is not to be doubted, the ingredient will not be able to achieve its full potential if the inclusion rate is too low and it must be remembered the inclusion rate here is not known. Further liming factors could apply if Coleus Forskohlii is diluted with other ingredients and, bearing in mind the lack of information about the product, it is impossible to be sure the formulation provides 100% Coleus Forskohlii.

How to Take NitroSlim – No information is provided about the dosage or any special considerations regarding product usage.

Customer Feedback

The NitroSlim website contains a testimonial that is attributed to a satisfied customer who supposedly lives in Bordeaux and lost 5kg in 30 days. Testimonials placed on manufacturer’s websites are never to be relied upon and, in this case, a Google search for the image used in the before and after pictures reveals the picture was purchased from the ShutterStock website and is used on over 400 other websites including slimming blogs, weight loss websites, and sales pages for other weight loss products.

NitroSlim Uk Website

Side Effects & Health Issues

The NitroSlim website fails to state if side effects are likely, but NitroSlim is unlikely to be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. People who have health problems or worries should always play it safe and consult a doctor before deciding on any new brand of supplement or embarking on a weight loss routine. Individuals who are taking medication or using other brands of supplement should be equally cautious.

Manufacture & Distribution

NitroSlim diet pills are marketed by Nutralife Solution Limited. Nothing is known about the company other than it has a mailing address in London, England. Nor is any information provided about where the pills are produced or the quality guidelines that are in place at the manufacturing plant. However, the company has formed an alliance with the slimming website and customers who try to obtain a supply of NitroSlim are automatically registered for a free trial at Ma Zone Minceur whether they want one or not.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Visitors who land on the NitroSlim homepage are greeted by a nice, big sign-up box at the side of the screen and anyone who reads the entire content of the page, is convinced of the products prowess, and selects the “Order” button at the bottom of the page is scrolled back up to the sign-up box.

Buying a single bottle of pills is simply not an option. The only way customers can try the pills is to accept the offer of a free trial and then supply their card details to prove their identity. However, things are not as they may seem. Customers who accept the free trial are automatically subscribed to an automatic billing and shipping program and must cancel the contract within 7 days if they want to avoid having charges applied to their cards.

To make matters worse, no mention is made about how much a month’s supply of pills is likely to cost. However, the small print does reveal the cost of Ma Zone Minceur membership. It is €89.97 per two month period.

Not Recommended

Recommended Alternative

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