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Niacin B3 – Great from almost every aspect of health

Niacin B3Can a simple water-soluble vitamin boost mental focus, help sculpt a new and improved physique, and deliver improved athletic performance? It does not seem likely, does it? But when the vitamin is niacin the answer has to be “yes”.

Niacin hold the distinction of being the third B Vitamin to be discovered and, for this reason, it is also known as Vitamin B3. It offers many benefits and can be found in many different types of dietary supplement and even in the energy drink, Red Bull.

Niacin is one natural substance that you should definitely introduce into your daily diet

Niacin Benefits

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Provides the muscles with the oxygen and nutrients they need to grow
  • Improves mental focus
  • Increases human growth hormone levels by over 600%

Niacin’s Power to Protect

When people exercise it puts a strain on the body in many ways, and the harder the training session the greater the strain. The most obvious example is the muscle soreness that is experienced during and/or after a training session, but there are other effects that are not so easy to see or feel.

  • Red Blood Cell Depletion: Exercise can also cause a reduction in red blood cells. These cells are necessary for transporting oxygen around the body. If their number becomes overly depleted it causes a condition called sports anaemia. The use of a quality niacin supplement can help ensure healthy levels of red blood cells are maintained.
  • Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress: The link between physical exercise and free radical tissue damage has been proven by science. Research has failed to reveal the source of oxidant production, but supplementation with niacin has been shown to “significantly reduce oxidative stress”.

What does niacin do

Niacin’s Powers of Invigoration

The makers of Red Bull did not choose to throw in a dose of niacin without good reason. It is not a stimulant, but niacin helps the body to obtain energy from the carbohydrate that is provided by food. Adequate blood sugar levels can offer protection against early fatigue during sports and training activities.

Niacin’s Ability to Help You To Grow

All of niacin’s aforementioned qualities can help people to power-up their training sessions and reap the rewards that are bound to result from the improved levels of activity, but niacin offers two further benefits that are particularly notable.

  • Niacin Causes Vasodilation: This is a condition where the blood vessels become slightly dilated, improving blood flow and allowing all the bodily tissues to benefit from an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients. Metal focus and function will improve because the brain relies on the blood to feed it the nutrients it needs. Stamina levels will increase because the muscles will have more of what they need and the improved flow of blood will help flush them of the lactic acid that can limit physical abilities. Niacin’s power to deliver vasodilation can be supported by a study conducted at the University of Western Australia, and it has such a good reputation for getting results it is a key ingredient in many top pre-workout supplements.
  • Niacin Boost Human Growth Hormone Production: The body manufactures a wonderful compound called human growth hormone (HGH) that boosts the immune system and helps people to grow. The HGH level of children is very high because they still have a lot of growing to do, but HGH levels drop considerably during the adolescent years and the reduction continues with each passing year. Numerous studies show supplementation with niacin causes the body to increase HGH production and, when the supplement is taken a few hours before exercise is commenced, HGH levels can be increased by over 600%. This is a highly desirable situation because HGH can boost testosterone levels, improve muscle growth, boost energy levels, and encourage the burning of body fat.

The Niacin Flush

Niacin supplements often produce a sensation called niacin flush. It’s a little like blushing in many ways because the skin flushes and begins to “burn” a little. This can be accompanied by minor itching of the skin. The effects usually kick-in shortly after supplementation and do not last long. Some people enjoy the experience quite a lot, but it can come as quite a surprise to anyone who is using a niacin-providing supplement for the first time and does not know what to expect.

In Summary

Niacin is a form of B vitamin that protects the body from many of the negative effects that results from exercise (red blood cells depletion, oxidative stress, lactic acid build up). It also helps people to train harder and get better results thanks to its ability to provide vasodilation and boost HGH levels.

Niaxin Max stripsIt may cause a little flushing of the skin, but does not present a risk to the health. For a simple vitamin, it has a lot to offer, so anyone looking for a safe and natural way to attain their health and fitness goals needs to give niacin serious consideration.

The most effective niacin supplement is NiacinMax – a soluble strip that is placed on the tongue allowing the niacin to be absorbed far quick than traditional pills

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