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Konjac Forte – Not Ideal For UK Customers

 Konjac Forte Uk
  Konjac Forte is a weight loss supplement produced in Romania by SC Santex Fit and marketed via the official product website. Very little is known about the company, but it appears to be run in a reputable manner and the customer service department can be contacted by email…

Konjac Forte Review

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Not ideal for customers based in the UK and Ireland. Not an English language website available

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Konjac Forte is a weight loss supplement produced in Romania by SC Santex Fit and marketed via the official product website. Very little is known about the company, but it appears to be run in a reputable manner and the customer service department can be contacted by email or telephone. The website also has a facility that allows customers to enter their telephone number and wait for a customer services representative to call them.

At first glance the Konjac Forte website is quite impressive and seems to provide a lot of information, but the majority of the text is about the powers of konjac. Very little information is provided about the actual tablets and how much konjac they contain, but the manufacturer makes the bold claim “the only capsule that provides the amount of konjac necessary for weight loss”.

Konjac Forte Website

Advertised Konjac Forte Benefits

  • Eliminates body fat
  • Concentrated formulation

How the Formulation Works

Although the Konjac Forte website is lacking in information about the product, it has an entire page about konjac that states the ingredient has the potential to block fats and sugars and perform several other functions including destroying fat. This is somewhat farfetched. Konjac’s main value is as an appetite suppressant.

Key Ingredients

Konjac rootNo ingredient profile is provided, so the inclusion rate is unknown, but Konjac Forte contains konjac and the way the product is marketed suggests it is the only ingredient. The lack of information about the product is worrying though and there is still a possibility it may contain other ingredients as well.

Konjac is a plant native to Japan. The roots provide a natural fibre (sometimes marketed as glucomannan) that is very low in calories and has the ability to absorb up to 100 times its own weight in moisture. It is traditionally used to make ultra-low calories noodles that have a reputation for being extremely filling. Konjac is also an ingredient in certain confectionary products. However, konjac’s main value as a weight loss aid stems from its ability to soak up moisture.

When konjac is consumed alongside water it expands in the stomach and reduces the amount of physical space available for food, while also creating a feeling of satiety that suppresses the appetite. Konjac is one of the few weight loss-providing ingredients that has proven abilities and is generally believed to be most effective when consumed 30 minutes before a meal.

How to Take Konjac Forte  – The manufacturer does not provide any information about the how many tablets are needed per day or the dosing intervals, but math may provide the answer. A 30-day supply contains 90 tablets, so that means three tablets must be required per day and it seems likely that one tablet will be taken before each of the three mains meals of the day. Due to the way the ingredient works, supplements that contain konjac are usually taken with plenty of water, sometimes up to three glasses per dose.

Customer Feedback

The manufacturer’s website contains a couple of impressive testimonials that are credited to satisfied customers. One of them is from a lady who states the product helped her to lose 45 Kilos. Another customer boasts a weight loss of 16.3 kilos in 4 weeks. It all sounds very impressive, but the manufacturer is very open about the fact that they pay customers who provide testimonials and any testimonial that has been purchased in such a way does not have the same credibility as a testimonial provided without the possibility of reward or personal gain. Testimonials from an independent source would be more believable, but none are available.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturer’s website fails to state if side effects are likely to be an issue, but pregnant or nursing mothers should never use any form of dietary supplement unless it has been approved by their doctor. People who have health problems or are using mediations should also seek medical advice before using weight loss supplements.


Konjac Forte appears to be sold with a 3-month guarantee, but customers are still eligible to pay postal charges.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Konjac Forte can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website a 15-day trial-size bottle (contains 45 tablets) costs 79 Ron (€17.50) and a 30 day supply of tablets cost 149 Ron (€33)

Other options available are:

  • 60-day supply for 199 Ron (€44)
  • 90-day supply for 229 Ron (€50.50)
Not Recomended

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ best diet pillAlthough konjac root has many positives we cannot recommend the product (Konjac Forte) – one of the major reasons being the existence of PhenQ.

PhenQ is a fat burner, fat binder, appetite suppressant combination that have proven to be a best seller in many countries across the world. It’s 60 day money back guarantee and free worldwide delivery is a big positive.

Read our full review of PhenQ here

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