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Hellfire EPh150 Fat Burner Review

Hellfire EPh150 UK
Hellfire EPh150 is a dietary supplement marketed by Innovative Diet Labs. Very little is known about the company, but the label on the bottle states they are based in California. We searched for a company website, but were unable to find one. All product marketing appears to be conducted…

Hellfire EPh150 Review

Our Score - 50%
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Good packaging and branding - shame about the product!

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Hellfire EPh150 is a dietary supplement marketed by Innovative Diet Labs. Very little is known about the company, but the label on the bottle states they are based in California. We searched for a company website, but were unable to find one. All product marketing appears to be conducted via eBay and a number of online supplement retailers, but the product is not available from any of the main online suppliers such as or GNC.

According to the marketing material, “HELLFIRE is the hard-pumping, stimulant-filled, get-up-and-go supplement” that should only be used by people who are “intent on being that hard-charging daredevil”. It is hard to feel confident about any product that has marketing claims read like health warnings, but other promised benefits include:

  • Attacks unwanted body fat
  • Promotes euphoric feeling
  • Increase energy levels
  • Helps achieve desired physique
  • Improves alertness & focus
  • Increases your metabolism

How the Formulation Works

Hellfire EPh150 appears to be designed to work as a combined fat burner and energy supplier. Fat burners speed up the metabolism and raise the body temperature enough to create conditions that are favourable to enhanced fat burning. Unfortunately the manufacturers also admit to pumping the product full of so many stimulants it promises to make the user “feel like superman” and, by their own admission, the formulation has even “stunned a few hardcore” stimulant users.

EPh150 how does it work

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

We found an eBay sales page that listed nine ingredients, housed in two proprietary blends. However some online stores list up to 15 ingredients, so it is possible there may be more than one version of the product in circulation.

We managed to get hold of a copy of a label taken from a bottle of product, but have no way of knowing if this is likely to be an accurate representation of the ingredients used or is a match to the labels used on other bottles.

The Ephedran proprietary blend only appears to contain one ingredient— caralluma fimbriata. It’s a plant-based compound with a good reputation for providing appetite suppression; but one ingredient does not a blend make, so we have to wonder if the blend contains undisclosed ingredients.

The amount of caffeine anhydrous included is similar to that provided by one and a half cups of coffee, so it is unlikely to provide the kind of stimulation the manufacturers promise.

The StimMax proprietary blend contains unspecified quantities of 5 ingredients. Green tea stands out as being on the better inclusions. It has proven fat burning abilities and also provides health-enhancing antioxidants. Yohimbine is a stimulant that is often considered to be both a fat burner and an aphrodisiac, but it may be harmful if used in unusually high amounts and, with the kind of stimulation that is being promised, we are forced to wonder about the accuracy of the inclusion rates stated for the various blends.

The peppermint content of the ThermoCore proprietary blend is unlikely to offer much of value, but coleus forskohlii is often used as both a metabolism booster and a fat burner.

How to Take Hellfire EPh150  – An initial does of one capsule per day is recommended. If no tolerance issues arise the dose can be increased to one capsule, twice per day. However, capsules should never be taken within six hours of going to bed and it is important not to exceed two capsules in any 24-hour period. Supplementation should be stopped after 45 days of consecutive usage and should not be recommenced until 20 days have passed.

Customer Feedback

Some online stores claim to have received upwards of 200 5-star reviews, but none of the alleged reviews are made available for customers to read. We dug a little deeper and found the following customer comments:

Ordered this product to make a cutting stack. Took my first dose and within an hour I was sweating like I was in desert. This product is NOT for your average person. It gives you a serious ephedra buzz and feeling of energy. “

“Bought these for energy and that’s what I got. I haven’t lost any weight but they help in the gym. Also good for getting me through those long night shifts at work”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Due to the fact that there may be multiple variations of the product, we recommend all potential users visit their doctor and allow him or her to examine the label. Given the possible dangers that may be involved, seeking a doctor’s advice prior to commencing supplementation is a highly advisable precaution.

Where to Buy Hellfire EPh150

Hellfire EPh150 is available from a number of online stores and via eBay. The price can vary from one supplier to the next, but eBay is often the cheapest option. At the time of this review one seller, based in Poland, was charging USD$ 24.99 for each (100 capsule) bottle and offering free international shipping.

Not Recommended

What Is The Recommended Alternative

The fat burning genre is overcrowded and competitive with a few products standing out above the others.

We have compiled our list of the most effective fat burners based on criteria such as effectiveness, safety and value for money. Customer comments and feedback is also taken into consideration.

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