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  Tribitor is a carb blocking product made in Poland for MarMar Investments Ltd. Although products of this nature can assist weight loss by reducing the daily calorie intake, good results require carb blockers be used as part of an overall weight management regimen that includes a sensible diet…

Tribitor Review

Our Score - 60%
Customer Score - 62%


User Rating: 1.9 ( 1 votes)

Tribitor is a carb blocking product made in Poland for MarMar Investments Ltd.

Although products of this nature can assist weight loss by reducing the daily calorie intake, good results require carb blockers be used as part of an overall weight management regimen that includes a sensible diet and regular exercise.

Unfortunately, many people who seek out and buy this kind of dietary supplement do so for the wrong reason.

Carb blockers work by reducing the amount of calories the body receives from food-provided carbs such as potatoes, pasta, bread, and cake.

Sensible dieters would avoid such food or strictly limit its intake, but not everyone wishes to do so.

People enjoy eating chips and cake etc. and some dieters look for a way to cheat, that will allow them to continue eating the food they love without having to live with a (fat) body they hate.

MarMar investments could be accused of promoting this way of thinking because they tell potential customers Tribitor will always be there “when carbs are on the table” and will allow them to enjoy their meal “with less consequence”.

Tribitor Results

Method of Action 

Tribitor differs from most other carb blocking supplements in two main ways. The first big difference is it comes as a powder that’s intended to be mixed with water and consumed as a drink.

Carb blocking diet pills are far more common and, unless you have a problem swallowing pills, are likely to be easier to take. The other difference with Tribitor is the formulation is designed to lower the glycemic index.

When people speak of the glycemic index, they are referring to the scale used to measure the effect different carbohydrate providers have on blood glucose levels.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. The glycemic index of carrots, nuts, and grapefruit does not exceed 54 and, although overindulgence would not be a good idea, the blood sugar levels of people who eat such food is unlikely to become suddenly elevated.

Cakes, chips, and white bread are a different story entirely. Food such as this has a glycemic index of 70 or higher and is best avoided. Such food types are also the ones carb-lovers tend to crave the most, but they are bad for the body in a number of different ways.

High Carb Foods

When people eat food that has a high glycemic index, it causes their blood sugar levels to rise suddenly. The pancreas responds to this by producing extra insulin.

This brings the blood sugar level down, but the insulin often works too well, causing the blood sugar level to become so low it triggers a desire to eat more food (especially sweet food) to bring the blood sugar level back up to normal.

So eating food that has a high glycemic index is not conducive to weight loss. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each sachet contains:

  • White Kidney Bean Extract (1.2g): Easily the most popular carb blocking ingredient in the world, white kidney bean works by suppressing the normal activity of the amylase enzyme that’s responsible for breaking down carbohydrates.
  • White Mulberry Leaf Extract (600mg): The results of a double-blind placebo-controlled study suggests supplementation with white mulberry leaf extract improves glucose tolerance and decreases insulin production.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (400mg): An ingredient that provides chlorogenic acid. Green coffee bean extract is a good inclusion for a blend of this nature because research suggests chlorogenic acid has the ability to reduce insulin secretion.
Usage Guidelines – One sachet is required per day and should be taken 15 minutes before any meal that is rich in carbohydrate. Although MarMar Investments state it is possible to consume the powder without water (the flavor is likely to be intense), the recommended way to consume Tribitor is to place the contents of a sachet in a glass of water and consume it as a drink.

Customer Comments

We were unable to find a reliable source of customer feedback for this product.

Side Effects & Health Considerations

Diabetics will need to get a doctor’s advice before using any product that has the ability to alter insulin levels. People who suffer from other medical conditions would also be wise to obtain a doctor’s approval before using Tribitor. The same advice is offered to women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Where To Buy Tribitor

Tribitor is exclusive to the Tribitor website and the price per box varies according to the size of the order placed


Tribitor is sold with a 14-day money back guarantee.

The Verdict

If you are looking a good carb blocking product, Tribitor is probably one of the best options available to you, but ask yourself why you want to block carb intake in the first place.

If your desire to block carbs is the result of a sincere desire to lose weight, you are looking at the wrong product and would obtain a far greater level of support, and much better results, by using a supplement that helps control hunger cravings, boosts the metabolism and (preferably) provides further support in other ways.

The level of benefit provided by Tribitor is far too limited. If your main goal is to find a way to limit the damage caused by high carb food, this product may help you to continue eating in an unhealthy way, but don’t be fooled into thinking you will lose weight.

Even the best carb blockers only limit carb digestion. They don’t prevent it entirely and it’s also worth noting a lot of high carb food, such as chips and cakes, are also high in fat; so you will still have pretty good shot at gaining weight anyway.

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Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner Review With Customer Comments Fri, 05 Jan 2018 18:02:05 +0000  Thermodrone Extreme
  Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner is a diet pill made in the UK by Thermodrone. The company also markets a few other products, most of which are aimed at men who wish to improve the results they are getting in the gym. However, although there is a Thermodrone website,…

Thermodrone Extreme  Review


User Rating: 0.7 ( 1 votes)

Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner is a diet pill made in the UK by Thermodrone. The company also markets a few other products, most of which are aimed at men who wish to improve the results they are getting in the gym. However, although there is a Thermodrone website, people who are interested in buying the company’s products can only do so via Amazon.

Customers who buy Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner are promised a number of attractive benefits, but neither the manufacturer’s website nor the Amazon sales page provide any information about how the results are likely to be achieved.

The main promised benefits are:

  • Fast-acting fat burner
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves stamina and mental focus
  • Speeds the metabolism
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

Active Ingredients

One capsule contains:

  • L-Carnitine (150mg): An amino acid that is sometimes added to nootropic formulations because it can stimulate the mind.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): Caffeine is a thermogenic fat burner with proven abilities. It’s also good for giving energy levels a boost, but 150mg is quite a high dose, so the formulation may prove to be unsuitable for anyone who does not tolerate stimulants well.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (150mg): Animal-based research suggest a link between Alpha Lipoic Acid and the appetite, but further study is needed before its use can be endorsed as an appetite suppressant.
  • L-Tyrosine (100mg): An amino acid that is often added to supplements because it’s known to be a hunger controller. Unfortunately the amount included here is much too low.
  • Green Tea Extract (50mg): A proven fat burner that’s wasted here because of an inadequate inclusion rate.
  • Brown Rice Flour (50mg): In some areas of the world rice is eaten every day. Researchers have discovered people who stop eating white rice and start eating brown rice instead can reduce their energy intake by 100 calories per day. The minuscule amount of brown rice flower provided here is unlikely to do anything at all.
  • Citrus Aurantium Whole Fruit (45mg): A fat burning stimulant that’s refined from extracts taken from a species of orange.
  • L-Tryptophan (25mg): An amino acid that’s sometimes added to supplements intended to boost physical performance.
  • Cayenne Powder (1.5mg): A popular spice that is a key ingredient in curry’s, chilli con carne, and other spicy food. Cayenne also provides several health benefits, and a compound it contains (capsaicin) has proven to be a valuable weight loss aid that can dull the appetite and get the body burning extra fat.

Thermodrone Extreme  Customer Feedback

Thermodrone Extreme  Customer Feedback

Customer reviews suggest the product may work for some people, but may cause problems for others.

A few average customer testimonials read:

“I can confirm these fat burning pills work with diet and exercise. They have already helped me to up my weight loss from 4lbs a month to 7lbs a month, but you need to be make an effort and watch what you eat.”
“These pills are seriously bad news. All they did was make me feel so sick and dizzy I had to chuck up. That’s the last time I buy diet pills from Amazon.” 
“I’ve been using this product for 7 weeks and my weight loss so far is 6lbs. I hoped they’d do more. I’ve certainly lost weight but I wouldn’t say the results are extreme.” 
“I think these pills helped me to lose a pound or two, but they made me feel very ill so I had to stop taking them after a few days.”

Thermodrone Extreme  Side Effects

Many users state the formulation made them feel unwell. The most commonly reported side effects are difficulty sleeping and nausea, but some users report more unnerving side effects, such as racing heartbeat.

Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. All potential users are advised to get their GP’s approval prior to commencing supplementation. This is especially important for people who have existing health problems and/or are using medication.

How To Use – One capsule should be taken in the morning. Another is needed during the afternoon (before 3pm). No other instructions are supplied.

Purchasing Options

It’s not possible to buy Extreme Fat Burner via the Thermodrone website. All sales are handled via The Thermodrone website is little more than holding page that provides links to the company’s Amazon listings.

A bottle of Extreme Fat Burner contains 60 capsules (30 day supply) and, at the time of this review, it was possible to pick up a bottle for just £13.99.

That’s very cheap, but the product does not have the best reputation for delivering results, and it’s sold without a money back guarantee so, for customers who have a bad experience with the product, it’s still money down the drain.

The Final Judgement

Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner appears to have the ability to provide modest weight loss, but customer reviews show it does not work for all. Side effects are also an issue for many people using the product, but this is not surprising because the formulation contains several stimulants.

There are several leading diet pill brands that are a safer option than Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner, the best of which is undoubtedly PhenQ. The product has already helped more people to lose weight than any other diet pill, no side effects have been reported, and the manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner may beat PhenQ for the price, but it will never beat it for results and, when it comes to weight loss, it’s always the results that count.

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Leanbean Female Fat Burner Review Fri, 22 Dec 2017 01:06:58 +0000 LeanBean
Leanbean is a diet pill designed to help women get say goodbye to their cellulite and rid their bodies of unwanted fat. The name of the company that brought the product to market is also called Leanbean. As is normally the case with diet pills intended for women, there's…

LeanBean Fat Burner Review

Score - 8.9


LeanBean ticks many boxes.. it won't break the bank and the customer feedback is good Click here to view special offers direct

User Rating: 4.65 ( 2 votes)

Leanbean is a diet pill designed to help women get say goodbye to their cellulite and rid their bodies of unwanted fat. The name of the company that brought the product to market is also called Leanbean.

As is normally the case with diet pills intended for women, there’s a lot of pink in use on the bottle and on the manufacturer’s website.

Pink may be the colour that’s traditionally associated with the female of the species, but it takes more than a “pink for a girl” attitude to create a good diet pill for women.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to review this particular product, and have to admit to being rather curious about it ourselves, so we decided to take a closer look at Leanbean and see if it’s really likely to “harness the power of nature” and help women to burn their fat.

LeanBean womens diet pills

Leanbean Benefits

  • Burn body fat like professional fitness models
  • Overcome problem areas of fat and finally achieve your fitness goals
  • Simple to use (just take four capsules per day)
  • 100% Safe & natural ingredients
  • Enjoy a flatter, firmer tummy
  • Tone your arms and legs and get a pert and peachy butt
  • No more unsightly fat or cellulite
  • Boosts energy and confidence
  • Provides an overall sense of wellbeing

What Is Leanbean and How Does It Work? 

Lean Bean pillsLeanbean is marketed as a fat burner, but this is selling the product short because it also contains ingredients that can help prevent sugar cravings and control the appetite.

As with most fat burning diet pills, Leanbean contains ingredients that have been chosen for their metabolism boosting abilities. When the metabolism becomes faster it burns more calories and this can bring on a calorie shortage that forces the body to begin burning fat. Some of the ingredients used in Leanbean also have thermogenic capabilities that will cause the body to start losing additional calories in the form of heat.

It’s strange that Leanbean have not placed any focus on their product’s ability to suppress the appetite because overcoming hunger pangs is one of the biggest hurdles dieters have to face.

It’s also one of the main reasons dieters throw in the towel. Diet pills that suppress the appetite make it easier for people to be satisfied with less food and help them commit to a calorie-controlled diet, thereby bringing on the calorie shortage that is necessary for fat burning.

Usage Instructions – One capsule is required four times per day and should be consumed with a meal or a snack. For best results, the capsules should be used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Key Ingredients

Four capsules provide:

  • Vitamin B6 (3.72mg): B Vitamins are often added to diet pills because they help the body extract energy from food. However, B6 is a particularly good choice for a formulation intended for women because it helps prevent the oestrogen shortage that occurs during menopause and can cause the body to become more prone to gain weight.
  • Vitamin B12 (6.4ug): Although Vitamin B12 has value in other areas, including energy production, it’s relationship to oestrogen is still somewhat of a grey area. Some studies suggest it helps prevent oestrogen shortages, others do not.
  • Chromium (120ug): A mineral that prevents the blood glucose level fluctuations that can cause a desire for sweet food.
  • Green coffee (600mg): Green coffee beans provide a fat burning chemical called chlorogenic acid. Although it has the ability to control blood glucose levels, it’s probably got more value here as a metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner.
  • Acai berry (800mg): A highly nutritious fruit that has natural hunger suppressing abilities. Acai is often added to diet pills because it has the power to boost the metabolism and get the body burning calories faster.
  • Green tea extract (200mg): Research show green tea is a metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner.
  • Turmeric powder (200mg): A cooking spice that has a hidden secret. It’s called curcumin and it has the ability to reduce the inflammation sometimes caused by obesity. Some studies show it may also have the ability to redress oestrogen imbalances.
  • Glucomannan (500mg): A water-soluble fibre with proven appetite suppressing abilities.
  • Garcinia cambogia (400mg): The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) provided by this fat burning fruit extract helps vanquish huger and prevents the body from creating further stores of fat.
  • Cayenne pepper (60mg): A red pepper extract that has proven appetite suppressing abilities and is equally good as a fat burner.
  • Black pepper (20mg): Provides a compound called piperine that improves the bioavailability of other ingredients.
  • Raspberry ketones (8mg): Data compiled by researchers in Korea upholds raspberry ketones’ reputation as a fat burner.

Lean Bean Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are very good. A few average customer comments read:

“My mid-life crisis was weight gain, but leanbean helped my get my old body back and gave me the confidence to strip-off and soak up the sun on the beach.”
“I never believed these pills would work. I only bought them because of the guarantee. It wasn’t needed. Leanbean has helped me to get rid of my size 18 clothes and slim back down to size 12.” 
“Leanbean helps me feel less hungry between meals, so I no longer snack and am finally losing weight. So far, I’ve lost 15lbs, so it’s a very good start.”
“I love these pills. I was already losing weight, but it was taking forever. Now I’m going full throttle and my BF is loving the results.”

LeanBean Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects are highly unlikely, but women who are pregnant or nursing an infant are advised to obtain medical clearance before using Leanbean or any other brand of weight loss supplement. The same advice is offered to people using medication and to anyone who has existing health problems.


Leanbean is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Leanbean is a very impressive product. The ingredients are good, so are customer reviews, and the low cost per bottle makes this one of the most reasonably priced diet pills on the market.

There’s also a guarantee to give customers extra peace of mind, so we have no hesitation in recommending this product. However, although the pills are designed with women in mind, we feel they should work equally well for men.

The formulation’s ability to control oestrogen levels, may help menopausal women reap a little extra benefit, but some Vitamin B and curcumin extract does not possess the potential to cause man-boobs, so guys who want to give it a try have nothing to fear.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Leanbean is exclusive to the manufacturer’s website and, with a price tag of only £35 per bottle (lasts 30 days), it’s a cheap diet pill to buy and bulk buy incentives and discounts are available to further sweeten the pot.

Click here to view special price discounts

Buy LeanBean

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High School Genes – Goop Diet Pills Wed, 20 Dec 2017 19:08:58 +0000  High School Genes
  High School Genes is a supplement for women. It's manufactured in America by Goop and marketed as part of their Goop Wellness product line. Goop is owned by the actress and food writer Gwyneth Paltrow and all the companies products, be it clothes or fragrances, are intended for…

High School Genes Review


Not recommended if your main aim is to lose weight.

User Rating: Be the first one !

High School Genes is a supplement for women. It’s manufactured in America by Goop and marketed as part of their Goop Wellness product line.

Goop is owned by the actress and food writer Gwyneth Paltrow and all the companies products, be it clothes or fragrances, are intended for women.

It’s a lifestyle brand that has been criticised for many of the ideas it puts forward, but High School Genes has a little extra credibility because it was created by Dr Sara Gottfried. She’s an expert in hormones and has written a best-selling book on the subject.

Who is High School Genes For?

High School Genes is intended for women who are going through the menopause and for those who are in the periods leading up to and following it. The female menopause causes many hormonal changes some of which have been linked to weight gain.

Is High School Genes a Weight Loss Product?

Goop issue a disclaimer that states the product is not for weight loss, but the product is marketed in a way that will make it appealing to women who have become overweight and blame it on “the change”.

According to the product description, High School Genes “addresses numerous systems in the body that may contribute to weight gain when not functioning properly” and it is deemed to be particularly beneficial for women who have a body that is no longer responding to diet and exercise in the way that it used to.

The disclaimer that states the product is not for weight loss can only be accessed by a drop-down menu, so it seems likely many Goop customers who buy High School Genes will do so because they need help to lose weight.

Goop Diet Pills

How is High School Genes Used?

The product consists of five different pills. Only one is in capsule format, the rest are tablets. The pills are packed into small paper envelopes. Each envelope contains the correct amount of pills for the day. There are six pills in total because two metabolism boosting tablets are needed per day. The pills have to be taken in one sitting and the time of day appears to be optional.

What are the Ingredients?

Goop don’t take the time to differentiate between the five products. The supplement facts group everything together because the combination of pills is considered to be a single product.

Women who take the six pills per day will receive around 50 different ingredients. A lot of which are vitamins, the most prevalent of which is Vitamin B. It’s present in several different forms including niacin and biotin.

Each form offers individual benefits, such as help with DNA and cell creation, and all of them help provide an efficient metabolism. However many of the vitamins present are included in high doses.

The amount of Vitamin A provided is 100% of the RDA. This means any Vitamin A provided by food will not be necessary and the body may get too much Vitamin A. This may lead to side effects. Some of the other vitamins inclusion rates far exceed recommendations and in the case of Vitamin B12 the amount provided is more than 4,000% RDA.

Some of the minerals provided are necessary for certain glandular secretions. The thyroid gland needs iodine to make the hormones the body uses to govern the speed of the metabolism. Zinc is also a good addition. It has a role to play in many important biological processes, including ovulation.

High School Genes also contains a number of fruit extracts, including blueberry, that are high in antioxidants and should help protect the DNA and promote good health in many other ways.

We also see some green tea and chromium. Both are diet pill regulars. Green tea boost the metabolism and encourages fat burning. Chromium can prevent the sugar urges that may lead to snacking. Unfortunately, there are so many ingredients in the formulation there is no way to predict what kind of changes this Goop product may produce in the body.

High School Genes  Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is useful because it provides an insight into how past users have responded to products (benefits/side effects). Unfortunately we were unable to find any feedback for this product.

However, we found an article written by a reporter who had used Goop’s “Balls in the Air” and experienced “weird side effects”. This is interesting because the formulation contains many of the same ingredients that are used in High School Genes.

Are There Any Reported Side Effects?

If past customers have reported side effects Goop don’t disclose it, but the formulation contains a lot of ingredients and in many cases the quantities involved are quite high, so we suggest all potential users ask their GP’s advice prior to using High School Genes.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy High School Genes?

The product costs $90 (£69) per 30-day supply. Customers who buy using auto-ship get it for $75 (£57.50).

Is Goop High School Genes Available in the Shops?

The product is exclusive to the Goop website, but no international shipping options are offered. So, if you don’t live in the USA, you cannot buy High School Genes.

Is High School Genes Good For Weight Loss?

Some of the ingredients used, such as green tea and chromium, may help with weight loss, but it is highly questionable if the product will be able to tackle the changes that occur during menopause.

Women who need to lose weight, at any period in their life, will probably have much better success using a specialist weight loss product.

PhenQ how it worksWe suggest PhenQ because it contains several proven ingredients that can suppress the appetite, boost the metabolism, and support weight loss in other ways as well.

PhenQ is also cheaper than High School Genes and customers who buy it are given a 60-day money back guarantee. This is unlikely to be needed because thousands of satisfied customers confirm that it works.

What do customers say about PhenQ – click to find out

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XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat Review Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:32:45 +0000  XLS 45+
  XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat is a fat burning diet pill intended for pre-menopausal and menopausal women. It's manufactured and distributed by XLS Medical and the company claims the product has the ability to target belly fat and provide a nice flat stomach. Diet pill manufacturers are always…

XLS 45+ Review

Our Score - 58%
Customer score - 59%


Not one of XLS' better products. We recommend PhenQ. Click here to read the PhenQ review

User Rating: 2.55 ( 1 votes)

XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat is a fat burning diet pill intended for pre-menopausal and menopausal women. It’s manufactured and distributed by XLS Medical and the company claims the product has the ability to target belly fat and provide a nice flat stomach.

Diet pill manufacturers are always trying to develop products that can focus on specific body areas and, so far, none of them have come up with anything capable of doing the trick, so it does not seem likely this one will be any different.

Promised Benefits

  • Specially formulated for women in pre-menopause or menopause
  • Works to burn fat effectively
  • Particularly good for burning belly fat
  • Provides a slimmer, flatter tummy
  • More effective than diet and exercise alone

XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat Ingredients

Although the formulation contains a number of ingredients, only three of them play an active role. The rest of them are binders, fillers, and colourants.

Each (2 capsule) dose contains:

  • Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract (130mg): A fat blocking seaweed extract. Fat blockers can be good for lowering the daily calorie intake because they limit the amount of calories the body can obtain from dietary fat. Ascophyllum nodosum is also an appetite suppressant and further supports weight loss by providing the body with extra iodine. The thyroid gland is reponsible for creating the hormones that regulate the metabolism and it uses iodine to do so. The presence of iodine in the formulation will only benefit those who are iodine deficient, but it’s still a useful ingredient feature.
  • Guarana Extract (125mg): A berry extract. Guarana is a popular supplement ingredient that is valued for its high caffeine content. Although caffeine is good for providing energy, research shows it can also boost the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning. Caffeine also boasts proven appetite suppressing abilities. However, its presence here will make XLS 45+ Flat Stomach unsuitable for people who have a problem tolerating stimulants or prefer to use products that are stimulant free.
  • Ginseng Extract (20mg): XLS Medical say they added ginseng because it counters fatigue and restores energy and vitality. This famous Asian herb is renowned for its ability to do these things, but research shows some forms of ginseng may also have value in other areas. A ginsenoside called RG3, that’s naturally occurring in Panax ginseng, appears to have the ability to inhibit fat storage. However, other forms of ginseng do not possess RG3 and it’s unclear which form of ginseng XLS 45+ Flat Stomach contains.

Additional Ingredients:

  • Methyl Cellulose
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Cellulose Microcrystalline
  • Copper Chlorophyllins Complex
Usage Guidelines – Two capsules are required after breakfast and should be taken with a large glass of water.

XLS 45+ Ingredients

XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat Customer Comments

A few sample customer reviews read:

“I’m losing around 1kg per week with this product. It’s so much better than the things I’ve tried in the past I could jump for joy.”
“I’ve been using this product for 8 weeks. I’ve lost a few pounds from somewhere, but not from my belly. It looks the same.”
“I don’t feel so bloated these days and I’ve lost a few cm from my waist, so I guess this product must be working for me and am happy to recommend.”
“My tummy is still as podgy as ever and the readout on the bathroom scales has not changed. As far as I am concerned this product is a total waste of time.”

XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat Side Effects

XLS Medical don’t say if side effects are likely to be an issue, but the product will be unsuitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. Potential users who have existing health problems should get a doctor’s approval before commencing supplementation. This also holds true for people who are using medication or planning to use XLS 45+ in conjunction with other supplements.

Where To Buy XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat

You can buy XLS 45+ via many European online stores. Amazon is also an option. Each pack last 15 days and generally carries a price tag of around €20.


XLS 45+ is not backed by a money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Many women find they put on weight as they go through the menopause, but there is nothing special about any of the ingredients used in XLS 45+ that would make the product particularly beneficial for women going through “the change”. All three of the active ingredients can be found in supplements that are intended for unisex use.

In theory, the formulation should help people to lose weight more easily, but many alternative products have better fat burning capabilities.

XLS 45+ cannot be discounted out of hand, but customer reviews suggest the formulation does not work for all, and people who find it fails them will have to live with the fact they’ve thrown their money down the drain. All the top fat burning products are sold with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is no need for anyone to risk throwing their money away.

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Lipotrim Review with customer comments Wed, 01 Nov 2017 00:35:08 +0000  Lipotrim diet plan
  Lipotrim is a weight loss system developed by Howard Foundation Research. The company is based in Cambridge and was founded in 1985 by Dr Stephen Kreitzman. People who wish to try and lose weight with the system have to stop eating normal food and stick to a calorie-controlled…

Lipotrim Review


User Rating: 0.6 ( 1 votes)

Lipotrim is a weight loss system developed by Howard Foundation Research. The company is based in Cambridge and was founded in 1985 by Dr Stephen Kreitzman. People who wish to try and lose weight with the system have to stop eating normal food and stick to a calorie-controlled diet that only consists of Lipotrim products. That could be quite boring because the options are extremely limited.

The Lipotrim range consists of:

  • Chicken soup
  • Flapjacks
  • Weight loss shake (choice of three flavours)

According to the information presented on the official website, Lipotrim products are low in calories but provide the body with all the nutrients it needs. However, many customers state sticking to the Lipotrim diet caused them to start losing hair. A reaction like this suggests nutritional deficiencies.

Which diet products are voted best by customers – click to find out

Product Availability and Pricing

Lipotrim used to be only available from a few doctors who had enough faith in the system to recommend it to their patients. This remained the case for over a decade, then Howard Foundation Research decided to make the products available via pharmacies. However, finding a supplier may be hard.

At the time of this review, the company’s GP index only contained five clinics. Finding a participating pharmacy may be a little easier, but Lipotrim is not available from Boots or any of the larger pharmacy chains.

Lipotrim reviews

Finding a supplier is only half the problem. Lipotrim is only made available to people who are considerably overweight and are willing to commit to making a change for the better. People who try to obtain Lipotrim via a pharmacy will also have to fill out a medical questionnaire.

Anyone who is deemed to be a suitable candiate for the system will have to visit their supplier once every week, so the doctor/pharmacist can monitor their progress and provide them with a 7-day supply of Lipotrim products. Suppliers are permitted to set their own price, but the RRP is £45 per week for women and £60 for men.

Does Lipotrim Work?

The calories provided by food give the body the energy it requires to go on functioning. When the diet does not provide enough calories the body has to find energy from elsewhere so it begins burning its fat. People who are faithful to the Lipotrim system (and don’t cheat), will experience such a shortage of calories they cannot fail to start burning fat.

Lipotrim Concerns

The NHS suggests a safe weight loss rate of no more than two pounds per week. Many Lipotrim customers report losing much more, and the system appears to be very harsh on the body. Hair loss appears to be a common problem, as are complaints about bad breath.

This is very worrying and may explain why there are not more GPs endorsing Lipotrim. A lot of customers also state the weight they lost returned quickly as soon as they stopped using the products. To be fair, Howard Foundation Research offer customers a special range of maintenance products that are designed to be used alongside normal food, but it is unclear how effective they are and nobody is likely to wish to continue paying for a maintenance system for the rest of their lives.

Lipotrim Customer Feedback

Many forums, including NetMums and Pharmacy Researcher, have threads about Lipotrim.

A few average comments read:

“I lost 8 stone in 2 1/2 months, but my breath became very smelly and I stated to lose hair.”
“This is a terrible diet. I was hungry 24/7 and felt really dizzy and weak. Like many other forum members I experienced hair loss as well.”
“This is a terrible diet. I was hungry 24/7 and felt really dizzy and weak. Like many other forum members I experienced hair loss as well.”
“… I think it’s an expensive way to lose weight and I felt totally famished all of the time, but I I stuck with it and lost 24lbs. Then I stopped and all the weight came back so none of it was worthwhile.”

The Verdict

Lipotrim customer commentsThe simplest and most natural way to lose weight is to stick to a calorie controlled diet (preferably combined with exercise). Many people find this hard to do so they buy supplements that can take the edge of their hunger and provide support in other ways.

Lipotrim does not provide people with any support at all. It just drops them in at the deep end and forces them to exist on a diet that provides a very limited amount of calories.

Many people appear to have managed to live with the resulting hunger pangs and have managed to lose weight, but customer feedback suggests the amount of weight lost is more than the NHS considers to be safe.

The fact that hair loss is an issue also suggests Lipotrim is not a healthy way to lose weight, so it is good that weekly check-ins are required, but there may be a conflict of interests because any supplier who decides to stop providing the products will also be out of pocket.

Does Lipotrim help people to lose weight? It is pretty clear that it does, but the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise is a better option and a quality supplement can ease the weight loss process by providing dieters with any extra support they may need.

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Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patch Sat, 07 Oct 2017 16:25:03 +0000 Kiyeski Slimming Belly PatchWe have to admit we’d never even heard of the Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patch until a site user contacted us and asked for a review. We can probably be forgiven our ignorance though. The patches appear to be mainly marketed in Asia and the majority of sites selling the product, such as, are based in the Philippines.

This does not fill us with confidence. The quality of weight loss products produced in Asian factories is usually very low and we have encountered many diet pills made in Asia that contained undisclosed ingredients and dangerous drugs.

Although there are a few rogue items in circulation, weight loss products made in Europe and America are usually produced to much higher standards and are less likely to cause harm than cheap and nasty Asian equivalents.

What is the Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patch and How Do They Work?

The amount of information available on most sites is very sparse, but one site describes the product as an “electrostatic physio therapeutic plaster that is mainly applicable to the crowds with big-bellied waist and abdomen, bloated and hypertrophy lower limbs, etc”.

The Merriam Webster online dictionary states the word “physiotherapeutic” is used to refer to something that relates to physical therapy. Judging by Wikipedia’s explanation of “physical therapy”, a plaster or belly patch will not be able to achieve this, and physical therapy providers do not offer their services to people who need to lose weight.

Electrostatics is a branch of physics that involves slow-moving electric charges, so we have no idea how that could apply to a belly patch either.

However, belly patches generally contain ingredients that are similar to those used in diet pills. When people take pills the ingredients have to digested before they enter the blood stream and can get to work. It’s effective, but the digestive enzymes rob the ingredients of much of their power. Patches deliver their ingredients through the skin and this method allows the ingredients to keep nearly all of their natural potency.

What Are Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patches Made Of

What Are Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patches Made Of

Most of the sites selling the product fail to say what ingredients the patches contain. We found one site that provides a list of ingredients, but we have no way of knowing how accurate the list is, no inclusion rates are provided, and the list does not appear to be complete.

  1. Jojoba oil
  2. Green tea powder
  3. Evening primrose oil
  4. Carnitine
  5. Nuciferine
  6. Cocoa butter
  7. Peppermint oil
  8. Jasmine oil
  9. Saffron
  10. Garcinia cambogia oil
  11. Resin
  12. Essential oils
  13. Loadstone far infrared
  14. Electrostatic charge electrets PTFE membrane
  15. Functional fabric Non-Woven
  16. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive
  17. Release paper
  18. And others.

Items 1 to 10 are natural ingredients that are often used in diet pills. Garcinia cambogia and green tea are the two that probably have the most to offer.

GarciniaGarcinia cambogia fruit extracts contain hydroxycitric acid, which has the ability to suppress the appetite and prevent the body from creating fresh stores of fat. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that have proved to be effective for accelerating the metabolism and triggering thermogenic fat burning.

Item 11 (resin) could be almost anything at all and “essential oils” is hardly specific. We found a list that contains more than 90 of them. The other ingredients that are supposedly used in Kiyeski Plasters (items 13 to 17) are unknown to us and item 18 (and others) only serves to give us greater concerns about this product because there is no way of knowing how many “others” are involved or what they are likely to be.

Usage Instructions – We were unable to find any usage directions, but patches of this nature are usually affixed to the belly and left in place for a period of six to eight hours.

Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patch Customer Feedback

A few of the sites selling the product have a few brief statements that are attributed to satisfied customers, but most of them are praising the dispatch speed and deliver time. We were unable to find any Kiyeski Plasters customer reviews posted at reliable and unbiased sources.

Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patch Side Effects

Slimming patchNo side effects are mentioned in the marketing material, but that’s not surprising because it’s in keeping with the general lack of information about Kiyeski Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patches.

The most obvious side effect is likely to be skin irritation, but we have no way knowing for sure what ingredients the patches contain. It’s never wise to purchase and use products that have unknown ingredients, and anyone who does so would be foolish to begin using the plasters without showing the box to their doctor and getting some expert advice.

Where To Buy Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patch

Most of the websites selling Kiyeski belly patches are based in the Philippines, but we also found a site in Malaysia that is marketing the product. The average price appears to be between $1 and $5 per 10-plaster box.


Kiyeski Plasters are not backed by a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

We are unsure where this product is made, some of the marketing claims are nonsense, and a reliable ingredient profile is not provided. The Kiyeski Slimming Belly Patch is one of the worst products we have reviewed to date.

The only good thing about it is the formulation might contain garcinia cambogia and green tea. So, although diet patch technology is very advanced these days, there is no way on earth we can recommend this product. If you are searching for a safe and efficient way to lose weight, Kiyeski Plasters should be considered strictly no go.

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Mymi Wonder Patch Review with Customer Comments Sun, 10 Sep 2017 16:23:59 +0000 Mymi Wonder PatchMymi Wonder Patch is a weight loss aid you stick to your belly. Diet patches of this nature are gradually becoming more popular because they deliver the ingredients straight to the bloodstream.

Diet pills and other similar weight loss aids have to be digested and the digestive enzymes can rob the ingredients of much of their power.

Some of the best diet patches are known to be very good, but they are few and far between. Mymi Wonder Patch appears to be made somewhere in Korea, or some other Asian country.

Weight loss products that are made in Asia often lack the high quality standards of those made in the western world and, just to make matters even more confusing, there appears to be a lot of fake versions on the market, so buying Mymi Wonder Patch could be a risky business.

Advertised Benefits

  • Reduces abdominal fat
  • Achieve your goals in a short time
  • Powered by herbs and plant extracts
  • Patch will burn fat and reduce your weight
  • Shapes your body to make you look more beautiful and proportional

What is Mymi Wonder Patch and How Does it Work?

What is Mymi Wonder Patch and How Does it Work?

The idea with diet patches is pretty simple. You affix them to your body and the ingredients are absorbed through the skin and into the blood.

They then boost the metabolism and improve fat burning abilities in a similar manner to diet pills. Some of the best diet patches are believed to more than 90% more potent than diet supplements, but there is no proof to support any of the claims made for Mymi Wonder Patch.

Key Ingredients

It’s hard to be certain what the patches are likely to contain because there are so many fake products available, but, are far as we can ascertain, the key active ingredients are:

  • Sophoricoside: A Japanese tree extract that is touted to be a fat burner, but there is no proof that it works.
  • Capsaicin: A chili pepper extract with a proven fat burning ability.
  • Caffeine: A stimulant that is good for providing extra energy and clearing the mind. Research shows caffeine is also a fat burner.
  • Catechins: Presumably, this is green tea catechins. If it is, it’s presence should provide the proven fat burning abilities of green tea.
  • Far Infrared and Negative Ion: We’d never heard of this ingredient, but we found a mattress that appears to utilize something called far infrared and negative iron technology.
Usage Instructions – It’s very hard to find information about how to use the product, but one site states the patch needs to be applied to freshly washed and dyed skin. It’s a belly patch, so we presume it has to be applied to the belly area, but have no way of knowing how long the patch should be left in place.

Customer Feedback

A few average customer reviews read:

“The ones I bought on Ebay didn’t work. These ones do and they don’t irritate my skin, so they must be the real ones.”
“These are fake. It’s easy to see just by looking at naff printing on the box and they will make your skin blister.”
“Easy to use and remove fat loss aid. It you don’t like taking diet pills this is made for you.”
“What a load of poop! All they did was leave a lot of gunk on my belly.”

Where To Buy Mymi Wonder Patch

It’s possible to buy Mymi Wonder Patch, at wholesale prices, via and pay $1 (€1) per box. Lots of people are doing this and then selling the patches via eBay and Amazon.

Several manufacturers appear to have the product listed on Alibaba, so it is highly likely that many or all of the patches are fake. We found what appears to be the official website, but there is no way of knowing if it’s the real deal, and the price is nearly $25 (€25) per box (contains 5 patches).


A money back guarantee is promised, but don’t hold your breath. The duration is not specified, and the returns policy suggests it will be very hard for customers to get a refund.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Some customers say the patches caused blisters on their skin. Bearing in mind the fact there appears to be a lot of fake products doing the rounds, it would be wise for all potential users to show the product to their doctor and only use it the doctor says it is safe to do so.

The Bottom Line

Although diet patches deliver ingredients to the body more efficiently than diet pills, it’s hard to say if this one will work. It has a few proven ingredients, but there is no way to ascertain if it contains enough, and the fact that the market is saturated with counterfeit products only goes to make matters worse. The simple truth of the matter is, Mymi Wonder Patch is not a patch on some of the other options available.

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She Supps Hunger Reducer Review Fri, 11 Aug 2017 17:27:40 +0000  Hunger Reducer
  Hunger Reducer is an appetite suppressing dietary aid brought to market by She Supps. We were unable to find out a great deal about this company, but it is registered in the UK and customer support is available via email and by telephone (Mon-Fri, 9:00-18:00). The fact that…

She Supps Hunger Reducer Review

Rating - 44%


Hunger Reducer is not a unique product. Nor is it a product that should only be considered suitable for women.

User Rating: 1.05 ( 2 votes)

Hunger Reducer is an appetite suppressing dietary aid brought to market by She Supps.

We were unable to find out a great deal about this company, but it is registered in the UK and customer support is available via email and by telephone (Mon-Fri, 9:00-18:00).

The fact that we were unable to find out more about She Supp’s history is not good, but we did not find any entries on any of the scam-report or customer complaint boards and that’s a big point in the company’s favour. As is the fact that they make it so easy for customers to get in touch with their queries and/or complaints.

How Appetite Suppressants Work

Appetite suppressants are designed to control hunger urges. The desire to eat can be very strong, especially for people who are used to snacking a lot between meals and/or eating large portions at lunch and dinner.

Appetite suppression can be achieved in a number of ways, but Hunger Reducer is designed to work by creating a feeling of fullness inside the stomach that reduces the desire for food.

Why Should You Buy She Supps Hunger Reducer Instead of Another Product? 

Despite the fact that Hunger Reducer is obviously marketed towards women, there is nothing about it that makes is particularly female-friendly. The pills only contain one active ingredient (glucomannan) and the inclusion rate is an exact match for many other appetite suppressing diet pills, most of which are marketed towards dieters of both sexes.

Usage Instructions – Capsules should always be taken with 1-2 glasses of water, 60 minutes before a meal, and the recommended dose is six capsules per day, split into three (2 capsule) doses. Each of the three doses needs to be consumed 60 minutes before a meal.

Glucomannan is a water-soluble fibre sourced from the roots of the konjac plant

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Two Hunger Reducer capsules provide 1g of glucomannan.

glucomannan what does it doGlucomannan is a fibre taken from the roots of the konjac plant. It’s value as an appetite suppressing ingredient is due to the fact the fibres are capable of absorbing large quantities of water. The absorption process happens quite fast and causes the fibres to swell and become a gelatinous mass. When this process happens inside the digestive system it makes the stomach feel full, reducing the desire for food.

The appetite suppressing ability of glucomannan has been proven by numerous scientific studies. However, supplement manufacturers often make a lot of claims about glucomannan’s abilities in other areas. Most of these claims cannot be supported by science. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has examined the scientific data regarding the abilities of glucomannan and state it only has proven value in two area:

  • As a means of controlling cholesterol levels
  • As an appetite suppressant

The EFSA has also provided very strict usage guidelines and state glucomannan will only work for weight loss if it is used alongside a calorie controlled diet. They also stress the importance of consuming three (1g) doses per day, before meals. One to two glasses of water are recommended as well, to ensure the sufficient fibre hydration.

She Supps Hunger Reducer Customer Comments

We were unable to find a reliable source of customer reviews.

She Supps Hunger Reducer Side Effects & Health Considerations

Glucomannan is not generally associated with side effects. It’s one of the most trouble-free diet pill ingredients available. However, people who fail to consume the recommended amount of water may find use of the ingredient leads to constipation.

Hunger Reducer is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health problems should always check with their GP before commencing use of any brand of dietary supplement. People who are using medicines or planning to use Hunger Reducer alongside other supplements would also be wise to check with their GP before doing so.

Where to Buy Hunger Reducer

You can buy Hunger Reducer via the She Supps website. It’s a little different from most other diet pill options though.

She Supps is an environmentally conscious company, so customers who buy Hunger Reducer are encouraged to retain the glass bottle (contains 120 capsules) when it is empty and then purchase a 120-capsule refill pack that comes in a biodegradable paper bag.

As you would expect, the refill pack is a little cheaper, so there is slight saving to be made. At the time of this review the bottle was retailing at £21.99 and the refill pack had a price tag of £18.99. There is also 10-capsule tester pack.

At £2.99, it offers a cheap way to put the pills to the test, but a 12 capsule pack would have been a better idea because it would have allowed dieters to try the product for a full two days.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Hunger Reducer is not a unique product. Nor is it a product that should only be considered suitable for women. Since the EFSA published their recommendations many supplement manufacturers have started marketing diet pills that provide 1g of glucomannan per dose and comply with all the other EFSA recommendations.

PhenQ best diet pillThe only difference between these products is name on the bottle and the majority of them are marketed towards men as well as women. In theory, presuming the glucomannan is taken from quality sources, all these products should be equally good for suppressing the appetite.

However, none of them compare well to leading diet pill products, like PhenQ, that combine appetite suppression with other benefits such as accelerated metabolism and enhanced fat burning, and come with a money back guarantee.

Read more on the benefits of PhenQ here

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EvoTea Teatox from Evolution Slimming Sat, 29 Jul 2017 16:39:03 +0000 Teatox from Evolution Slimming
Slimming teas are becoming more popular with dieters of late. There are quite a few of them on the market, but many of them fail to live up to the manufacturer's claims. After many requests we have finally got around to reviewing EvoTea Teatox and right from the start…

EvoTea Teatox

Our Score - 77%
Customer Score - 79%
User Rating: 4.25 ( 3 votes)

Slimming teas are becoming more popular with dieters of late. There are quite a few of them on the market, but many of them fail to live up to the manufacturer’s claims.

After many requests we have finally got around to reviewing EvoTea Teatox and right from the start it is stands out from rest of the crowd because it is produced by one of Britain’s most respected supplement manufacturers—Evolution Slimming.

That’s a big point in its favour, but manufacturer credibility does not always guarantee an effective product. However, there is such an impressive amount of positive feedback from customers we are very curious to find out what (if anything) makes EvoTea Teatox such a good choice of slimming tea.

Purchasing Options & Considerations EvoTea Teatox is only available via the Evolution Slimming website. A 30-day Teatox cleanse costs £19.99. Bulk buy discounts are available and all purchases are protected by Evolution Slimming's standard 30-day money back guarantee.

What is EvoTea Teatox Tea?

As the name suggests, EvoTea Teatox is primarily designed to provide detoxification benefits and is intended to be used over a period of 30 days. Teas and other products that successfully support the detox process can purge the body of the toxins that so often accumulate as a natural part of everyday life.

Sometimes the effects of these toxins kick-in over such long period of time people fail to notice a decline in their vitality, but once the detox process has been initiated the subsequent improvements in health often come so quickly they can be hard to ignore.

The metabolism is just one of the many biological processes that can be improved by a detox. The speed of the metabolism is closely associated with weight loss and weight gain. A faster metabolism burns more calories, so it is easy to understand how the detox process could encourage weight loss. However EvoTea Teatox also contains a powerful fat burner (green tea), so the weight loss process will not be relying on detox benefits alone.

Promised Benefits

  • Supports energy, fat loss & contributes to a normal macronutrient metabolism
  • A powerful but natural herbal teatox formula
  • Ideal for a morning boost to provide energy
  • Suitable for either sex
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Easy to use

Key Ingredients

EvoTea Teatox contains six active ingredients:

  • Green Tea (350mg)
  • Horsetail (350mg)
  • Dandelion (350mg)
  • Peppermint (350mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (0.105mg)
  • Biotin (3.75mcg)

Blend Potential

  • Green tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols that can boost the immune system and help purge the body of free radicals that can be detrimental to the health. It also has proven abilities as weight loss provider.
  • Horsetail and dandelion are both known to be diuretics; so their combined abilities should prove to be effective for purging the liver, kidneys, and urinal tract. Dandelion is also reputed to aid digestion.
  • Peppermint is a natural antibiotic with a long history of medicinal use. Through the years it has been used to treat coughs, headaches, digestive problems, and menstrual cramps; and at least one study shows peppermint may also improve the memory.
  • Vitamin B6 is a common inclusion in weight loss supplements because its presence is known to be necessary for an efficient metabolism.
  • Biotin (Vitamin H) is good for the hair and nails. It also supports a number of important biological functions, but is probably included here because it can help the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats.
Preparation & Usage – can be brewed in a teapot or by the cup. If a teapot is being used, two teabags should be allowed per litre of boiling water. Otherwise it is just a case of popping a teabag into a cup with some hot water. In either case the recommended brewing period is three minutes.

Once brewed, the tea can be consumed straight away or be chilled and taken as an iced tea. Two cups are required each day and Evolution slimming state the first tea should be taken on waking. The second tea should be taken between lunch and dinner time.

Teatox Customer Feedback

The amount of positive customer feedback to date is most impressive.

A few average comments read:

“I never really believed a tea could help you lose weight but this one does. I lost around 5lbs in the first week alone just by eating sensibly and drinking 2 cups a day.”
“I’ve just completed the 30 day detox and I feel on top of the world. Partly because I have so much more energy now (sleeping better too), but also because I’ve dropped a couple of dress sizes. I really love this product. It’s the tea for me :-)”
“I was eating right and getting plenty of exercise, but never lost any weight until I gave this tea a try. Now the pounds are disappearing at a consistent rate and I feel really energised.”

EvoTea Teatox Side Effects

No side effects are reported, but Evolution Slimming states EvoTea Teatox is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

EvoTea Teatox is only available via the Evolution Slimming website. A 30-day Teatox cleanse costs £19.99. Bulk buy discounts are available and all purchases are protected by Evolution Slimming’s standard 30-day money back guarantee.

Hit or Miss?

As far as we are concerned EvoTea Teatox is a hit and customer feedback suggests we are far from being alone in that opinion. The abundance of positive reviews does not surprise us.

The blend contains several credible ingredients. We are also impressed to see a money back guarantee. We feel it is unlikely such a facility will be necessary, but when a supplier offers one it shows confidence, and we share enough confidence in the product to add it to our list of recommended products.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Teatox from Evolution SlimmingEvoTea Teatox is only available via the Evolution Slimming website.

A 30-day Teatox cleanse costs £19.99.

Bulk buy discounts are available and all purchases are protected by Evolution Slimming’s standard 30-day money back guarantee.

Click here to visit official Evolution Slimming website and view offers


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