Thursday , 21 June 2018


If you wish to contact us then you can do so in many ways – the most reliable way is leave a comment in the box below with you name, email address and of course your question.

If you wish us to reply to you publicly then please post your comment or question the specific post or page that your question of query is connected.

When to contact us:

  • If you feel you must comment on a brand review, good, bad or indifferent
  • If you want to tell us about a weight loss success story you have had
  • If you have a bad experience with any particular brand
  • If you are a brand owner and feel you have been reviewed harshly or a customer has been negative about your product – we will always give brand owners the right to reply
  • If you want to provide content for us

When NOT to contact us:

  • Please remember we do not own ANY brand reviewed on this website. We are independent so please do not contact us with questions such as “where is my order” or I want a refund” please contact the manufacturer or store where you purchased the product.