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CelluStepper Review with customer comments

 Cellustepper review
  CelluStepper is a dietary supplement intended to help women get slimmer and say goodbye to cellulite. It's manufactured in France by NHCO Nutrition and each pack contains two types of pills. One for the mornings and another to take on a night. The company has been trading for…

Cellustepper Review

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CelluStepper is a dietary supplement intended to help women get slimmer and say goodbye to cellulite.

It’s manufactured in France by NHCO Nutrition and each pack contains two types of pills. One for the mornings and another to take on a night.

The company has been trading for over 20 years and produces a varied range of health and wellness products. They also claim to be specialists in amino acid research, but the CelluStepper morning pills only contain two amino acids (L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine) neither of which are likely to help the pills do what they are intended to do. The night pills contain no amino acids at all.

Promised Benefits

  • Encourages thermogenesis
  • Helps rectify dimpling of the skin
  • Regulates the metabolism of sugars
  • Removes excess water from the body
  • Helps reshape the silhouette

How Does CelluStepper Work

Products that can successfully encourage thermogenesis initiate a slight rise in body temperature that causes the body to begin losing extra calories as heat. This encourages the body to begin burning its fat and it’s conceivable any resulting weight loss may help to “reshape the silhouette”. However, NHCO Nutrition do not provide any information about how the promised benefits are likely to be achieved and the two pills do not appear to be capable of doing all the things they are supposed to do.


Key Ingredients & Blend Potential (Morning Capsules)

The morning capsules contain 13 ingredients, all of which are housed in proprietary blends.

Two morning capsules provide:

  • TGC 550 Complex (510mg): Green tea, guarana, capsicum.
  • Cellulase 7P Complex (510mg): Papaya, pineapple, red grape vine, dandelion, queen of the meadow, hamamelis, horsetail.
  • Leptopriv Complex (300mg): L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, choline bitartrate.

The TGC 550 Complex is obviously intended to provide the morning pills with their fat burning power. All three ingredients are proven thermogenic fat burners. Guarana’s ability comes courtesy of its caffeine content, which will also enable it to provide extra energy to help ward off diet-related fatigue.

Supportive studies (in English): The fat burning abilities of green tea / The fat burning abilities of caffeine / The fat burning abilities of capsicum extract

There is a lack of supportive evidence, but all of the ingredients in the Cellulase 7P Complex are reputed to be diuretics so there is good chance the blend may help reduce the amount of water the body retains. None of the ingredients are associated with cellulite reduction though. Nor are they likely to help regulate the metabolism of sugars, but the presence of dandelion may improve overall health by providing a detox.

The Leptopriv Complex presents some confusion because all three ingredients are believed to have nootropic abilities and are often added to supplements designed to enhance the mood and provide a clearer state of mind. NHCO Nutrition don’t claim their product is intended to work on the mind. Although the ingredients also have value in other areas, they are unlikely to fight cellulite or regulate the metabolism of sugars.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential (Night Capsules)

Two night capsules provide:

  • CLA (1997mg)

CLA is a fatty acid that is generally extracted from safflower oil. Some studies suggest CLA supports weight loss. Others do not and the ingredient is not known to have the potential to reduce cellulite.

How to use

  • Morning Capsules: Take two each morning, between meals.
  • Night Capsules: Take two during your evening meal.

A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is necessary to obtain the best results.

CelluStepper Customer Testimonials

A few typical customer comments read:

“Works well if you eat right and get plenty of exercise. I doubt it will be so good if you don’t, so you need to make a commitment.”
“My belly is getting smaller and the cellulite on my things is going little by little. Three more months or so should do the trick.”
“This is an excellent product it does everything the manufacturer claims and there have been no side effects up to now.”
“I could see a difference in 15 days. My leggings became a lot slacker and my skin was already looking smoother.”

CelluStepper Side Effects

No side effects have been reported, but NHCO Nutrition state CelluStepper is unsuitable for pregnant or nursing women. Anyone who has health problems that require a doctor’s supervision should check with their GP before starting the treatment.

Where to Buy CelluStepper

CelluStepper can be purchased via a number of French online stores, including and Vitalya Santé. A 30-day supply generally costs around €32 (£27.50) and you can expect to pay a further €10-€15 (£8.60-£12.90) to cover delivery costs to the other European countries.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

CelluStepper appears to have the potential to offer value in five areas:

  • Fat burning
  • Removing excess water from the body
  • Providing extra energy
  • Improving the mood
  • Boosting mental focus

The presence of so many diuretics is likely to reduce the amount of water retained in the body, but whether or not it will actually be “excess” is disputable.

Not all women are prone to water retention and all that extra urinating may make the pills appear to be better fat burners than they are because a lower percentage of water in the body can only mean less weight. Despite the fact that some customers claim the product helped reduce their cellulite, we find this ability to be highly unlikely.

CelluStepper probably offers the most value as a fat burner, but the formulation does not provide any strong appetite suppressing ingredients. Nor are there any inclusions that can offer fat blocking or other additional support so, as a weight loss aid, CelluStepper leaves a lot to be desired.

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