Thursday , 19 April 2018

Slimming Products

High School Genes – Goop Diet Pills

Goop Diet Pills

  High School Genes is a supplement for women. It’s manufactured in America by Goop and marketed as part of their Goop Wellness product line. Goop is owned by the actress and food writer Gwyneth Paltrow and all the companies products, be it clothes or fragrances, are intended for women. It’s a lifestyle brand that has been criticised for many …

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Lipotrim Review with customer comments

Lipotrim reviews

  Lipotrim is a weight loss system developed by Howard Foundation Research. The company is based in Cambridge and was founded in 1985 by Dr Stephen Kreitzman. People who wish to try and lose weight with the system have to stop eating normal food and stick to a calorie-controlled diet that only consists of Lipotrim products. That could be quite …

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EvoTea Teatox from Evolution Slimming

Purchasing Options & Considerations EvoTea Teatox is only available via the Evolution Slimming website. A 30-day Teatox cleanse costs £19.99. Bulk buy discounts are available and all purchases are protected by Evolution Slimming's standard 30-day money back guarantee.

Slimming teas are becoming more popular with dieters of late. There are quite a few of them on the market, but many of them fail to live up to the manufacturer’s claims. After many requests we have finally got around to reviewing EvoTea Teatox and right from the start it is stands out from rest of the crowd because it …

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Défiligne Minceur Triple Action Review – Customer Comments

Défiligne Minceur Triple Action

  Défiligne Minceur is a fat burning diet pill marketed by Yves Rocher Laboratoire Santé Naturelle. The company is based in France and their products can be found on the shelves of many French pharmacies, but Yves Rocher is only a brand name. The company does not manufacture any of the products it distributes. Défiligne Minceur is actually produced in …

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Phen24 Review – Day Time and Night Time

Phen24 review

  Phen24 Day and Night is a weight management system that consists of two bottles of diet pills. The formulations are different, but both products are designed to boost the metabolism by an amount that is sufficient to cause the body to burn calories faster than normal. The first product is designed for use during the day, so it contains …

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Three Time Slim – How Does It Work, Customer Feedback

Three Time Slim feddback

  Three Time Slim is a weight management system developed by Liothyss laboratories. It consists of three separate products that are designed to be used alongside a special diet sheet (provided free of charge). Two of the products are produced in liquid form and are supplied in little bottles that have the size and appearance of a child’s coloured crayon …

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Skinny Minnies Green T Review

skinny Minnies

Skinny Minnies Green T is a food supplement marketed by Skinny Minnies Supplements. The company is based in Wales and distribute their products via an online store that is a little basic, but easy to navigate. There are several other “Skinny Minnies” products, including meal replacement shakes and pre-workout supplements, but the website provides only the briefest explanation of how …

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Activ35 Review – What Is In It, Side Effects, Customer Comments

Activ35 how does it work

  Activ35 is a French Diet pill that is apparently designed especially for women who are aged 35 or older. According to the marketing material, metabolic and hormonal changes in the female body make it difficult for women to lose weight when they are the wrong side of 35. The manufacturer also claim their capsule is the first one of …

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Meizi Evolution Botanical Diet Pills Review

Chinese Diet Pills

  Meizi Evolution is a diet pill that appears to be made somewhere in China. It’s produced in soft-capsule form and has acquired quite a reputation for delivering results. However, although the product is marketed as a safe and natural product this is far from being the case. In 2013, the FDA analysed the formulation and discovered it contains a …

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Windmill Zero Fat CLA Review

ZeroFat Diet Pills

  Which diet pills are most popular – click to see results Zero Fat CLA is a weight loss capsule with a liquid centre produced in the USA by Windmill Health Products. The company has been trading for over 40 years and produces numerous health and fitness products, including anti-ageing creams, moisturisers, and vitamins and minerals. The only active ingredient …

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