Wednesday , 22 November 2017

Fat Burners

XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat Review

XLS 45+ Ingredients

  XLS 45+ Mon Ventre Plat is a fat burning diet pill intended for pre-menopausal and menopausal women. It’s manufactured and distributed by XLS Medical and the company claims the product has the ability to target belly fat and provide a nice flat stomach. Diet pill manufacturers are always trying to develop products that can focus on specific body areas …

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CelluStepper Review with customer comments


  CelluStepper is a dietary supplement intended to help women get slimmer and say goodbye to cellulite. It’s manufactured in France by NHCO Nutrition and each pack contains two types of pills. One for the mornings and another to take on a night. The company has been trading for over 20 years and produces a varied range of health and …

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Liporidex PM Review With Customer Comments

Liporidex PM ingredients

  Liporidex PM is a stimulant-free fat burning and appetite suppressing supplement designed to help people to lose weight while they are sleeping. The product is manufactured in the USA by Nuretix Research Labs. The company say they developed it with serious athletes in mind and claim it is an ideal choice for fitness fans looking for a supplement that …

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Phen375 – pharmacy quality fat burner and appetite suppressant – but without prescription

Phen375 how it works

  According to the manufacturers, Phen375 can suppress your appetite, improve your body’s fat burning abilities, help you “lose weight faster & easier than ever before”, and attain a nice set of 6-pack abs. Advertised benefits include: Lose 2 to 5 pounds each week Provides maximum appetite suppression Supercharges your metabolism to burn fat What is Phen375 and how does it …

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Gravitate SuperSculpt and DietVits Review – Glucomannan Diet Pills

Gravitate Supersculpt weight loss pills

  Supersculpt and DietVits are weight management supplements produced in England by Gravitate. For maximum weight loss the two products should be used together and Gravitate shows enough confidence in their creations to back them with a 35-day money back guarantee. Gravitate appears to be a reputable company and their website provides customers with plenty of information about how the …

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Caldoxin Review – Does It Work, Ingredients and Side Effects

Caldoxin Testimonials

  Caldoxin is a diet pill that is marketed in a way designed to make it appealing to people who want to lose weight without putting in any hard work. In fact, according to the manufacturer, Caldoxin is so powerful there will be no need for exercise or calorie counting and users will be able to eat as much food …

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PhenPhast ADVANCED Review with customer feedback and comments

PhenPhast ADVANCED big

  PhenPhast ADVANCED is food supplement produced in Florida, USA, by NaturaPrime, and marketed via The accompanying sales text is less than generous when it comes to providing information about the product and although it contains plenty of big promises there is very little information to back anything up. Much ado is made about the product’s “key thermogenic driver”, …

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Lipophedrine Review – Ingredients, Side Effects and Customer Comments


  Lipophedrine is a weight management supplement produced in Lyon by 3C Pharma. The company is well respected, has been producing nutritional supplements for over 20 years, and offers a good level of customer service via mail, email, and telephone. The Lipophedrine formulation consists of three main ingredients, two of which are proprietory blends. The third is green tea. Many …

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PhenterMAXINE Review with pros and cons

Phentermaxine promotion

  PhenterMAXINE is a diet pill that bears a name that is similar to that of the prescription-only weight loss drug, Phentermine. The product appears to only be available from and the Amazon sales page states the product provides all of the top weight loss ingredients in a single pill that can trigger rapid weight loss. PhenterMAXINE is designed …

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