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Agufen 10 – a diet pill from the French marketplace

  Agufen 10 is the "ultimate weapon" and taking just three capsules per day will provide all the slimming properties required to reduce the excess weight according to it's manufacturers. These are bold claims, but weight loss formulations that have been designed to target weight loss from a number of…

Agufen 10 Review

Our Score - 77%
Customer Score - 71%


One of the market leaders from the French market. Appeals to dieters from France, Belgium and Switzerland.

User Rating: 2.44 ( 5 votes)

Agufen10 websiteAgufen 10 is the “ultimate weapon” and taking just three capsules per day will provide all the slimming properties required to reduce the excess weight according to it’s manufacturers. These are bold claims, but weight loss formulations that have been designed to target weight loss from a number of different angles usually outperform supplements that provide just one weight loss benefit, such as appetite suppression or fat burning.

Agufen10 is extremely popular in France, Belgium and Switzerland – it is easy to see why.

Advertised Benefits

  • Increases the metabolism
  • Reduces the absorption of dietary fats
  • Limits fat storage
  • Accelerated fat metabolism
  • Burns existing body fat
  • Eliminates intestinal gas
  • Detoxification
Dosage  – One capsule should be consumed before each of the three largest meals of the day (typically breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

How the Formulation Works

Judging by the promises made on the Agufen 10 website, the capsules appear to provide two main weight loss benefits—fat blocking and fat burning—that are accompanied by a few useful bonus benefits such as detoxification and gas prevention.

Main Benefits

  • Fat Blocking: Fat blockers inhibit the abilities of important digestive enzymes; thereby limiting the amount of food-provided fats the body is capable of digesting. Each gram of fat swallowed contains 9 calories. That’s a significant amount so any formulation that can shield the body from a percentage of dietary fats can be very effective for weight loss.
  • Fat Burners: Formulations that provide fat burning typically work by boosting the metabolism by a degree that is sufficient to make the body burn calories at an increased speed and stimulate the need to burn body fat for extra energy.

Secondary Benefits

  • Detoxification: We are surrounded by toxins every day of our lives (car exhaust fumes etc.) and many toxins, such as free radicals are inflicted on the body courtesy of the foods we eat. These toxins build up within the body over a period of time and effect many functions, including the metabolism. The detoxification process purges the body of such toxins, thereby improving the overall health and ensuring efficient metabolic function. An efficient metabolism burns extra calories and helps the body convert food into energy more efficiently. This, in turn, can boost energy levels and provide improved zest for life.
  • Gas Elimination: Some dietary supplements contain ingredients that may increase the likelihood of intestinal gas. Others, such as carb blockers, can produce changes that make the build-up of gas more likely. This can be an unpleasant experience, and it is one that many diet pill manufacturers ignore, so we are impressed to see it is not the case here.

Key Ingredients

  • Fennel  – A popular herb that has value both as a food and as a medicine. It is often used to soothe digestive problems including heartburn and bloating. Fennel also has the ability to relax the colon and purge the bowel, for this reason it is often used in detox-providing formulations. The results of some research suggests fennel may also provide appetite suppression, so it has much value as a weight loss enhancer.
  • L’ascophyllum – A seaweed extract that can provide appetite suppression, but this ability is often overlooked in favour of its powerful fat blocking abilities. L’ascophyllum can further enhance weight loss by encouraging fat burning. This is achieved due to its iodine content. Iodine is necessary for healthy thyroid function and the thyroid gland produces hormones that are essential for an efficient metabolism.
  • Guarana –  is a fruit-based ingredient that is rich in caffeine, but releases it at a rate that is sufficiently steady to ensure long lasting benefits. Caffeine is excellent for boosting energy levels. It is also good for appetite suppression, has the ability to increase the metabolism, and triggers thermogenic fat burning.

Agufen10 customer comments

Customer Comments

Agufen 10 has achieved a good level of positive customer comments

A few typical testimonials read:

Agufen 10 is incredible. I’d almost given up hope of losing weight. Nothing was working. Then my sister handed me a bottle of Agufen 10 and said ‘try it’ so I did and I’d lost 7 kilos by the time I’d finished the bottle. I ordered another bottle straight away and lost another 8 kilos. I’ll be getting my sister an especially nice birthday present this year 🙂
I bought Agufen 10 because my wife is worried about my blood pressure (rather high) and has been pestering me to lose weight. I’d tried and failed so many times in the past I didn’t think anything would help, but Agufen 10 got to work straight away and I lost 2 kilos in the very first week. By the end of the month I’d lost a further 7 kilos. I’m a happy man—no more nagging.
“I bought Agufen 10 because I thought it may be a good fat burner, and I’ve already dropped a dress size so I guess it is, but it also helps me to feel less hungry, so sticking to my diet has been a lot easier than I expected.”

Does Agufen10 Cause Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely be an issue, but pregnant or nursing mothers should never use any form of dietary supplement unless it has been approved by their doctor. The same advice is offered to people who have existing health issues or are taking medication.


A money back guarantee is available.

The Verdict

We are very impressed by Agufen 10. The blend contains some good ingredients that have abilities that are a good match for the product marketing claims. We were also impressed when our searches revealed so many people who have so many good things to say about the product. Agufen 10 is a quality product and we have no hesitation in giving it our full endorsement as a weight loss aid.

“Highly Recommended”

Where to Buy Agufen 10

Buy Agufen10Agufen 10 can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. One (90 capsule) bottle costs €44,90, and contains a 1-month supply of pills. The manufacturer states the expected weight loss is 8 kilos. Customers who want to achieve a greater weight loss (accompanied by improved value for money) can take advantage of bulk buy discounts. The best offer is six bottles of Agufen 10 for €159, which should provide a weight loss of around 35 kilos. Customers are also offered four week’s free coaching as a further incentive to buy.

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