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Abrexin – Big In Canada, Not so in the UK and Ireland

 Abrexin UK
  When people eat a meal thermogenesis is triggered and the body temperature becomes slightly elevated. This causes the body to burn calories faster than normal. Essential Lab states Abrexin can trick the body into thinking a meal has been eaten when it has not. If food was present…

Abrexin Review

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When people eat a meal thermogenesis is triggered and the body temperature becomes slightly elevated. This causes the body to burn calories faster than normal. Essential Lab states Abrexin can trick the body into thinking a meal has been eaten when it has not. If food was present in the stomach some of the calories it contained would be burned by the thermogenic process, but the lack of food-provided calories forces the body to look elsewhere and it begins to burn its fat stores instead.

Essential Lab also states the tablets can improve sleep quality. They claim this ability can also assist weight loss because research shows a connection between poor sleep and fat gain. Unfortunately they fail to disclose who conducted the study in question or the control procedures involved.

Abrexin how does it work

Promised Benefits

  • Triggers fat burning while sleeping
  • One tablet per day is all that is needed
  • Targets stubborn fat loss areas
  • Does not contain stimulants
  • Does not cause side effects
Usage Instructions  – Tablets should always be taken with 4oz. to 8oz. of water. Only one tablet is required per day and should be consumed 30 minutes before bedtime. Essential Lab claims weight loss will be forthcoming without the need for calorie-counting or exercise activities, but states people who make these changes to routine will benefit from improved weight loss results.

Key Ingredients

The main ingredient is Thermoferrin and each dose provides 300mg, along with 5mg of Bioperine.

  • Bioperine is a patent-protected black pepper extract that is very popular supplement ingredient because it can help other ingredients to be absorbed efficiently.
  • Thermoferrin is also a patent-protected ingredient. It provides a compound called lactoferrin (a protein fraction) that is produced by lactating mothers and cattle. Essential Lab’s decision to use Thermoferrin as the main ingredient in Abrexin was based on the results of two scientific studies. However, one of the studies was conducted on rats and what works well for rats does not necessarily work in the same way for humans. The second study is more supportive because it was carried out on 30 obese human volunteers.

The study was conducted in Japan and was carried out over an 8-week period. The volunteers were instructed not to make any changes to their diets or levels of physical activity. Each of them consumed 300mg of lactoferrin every evening. When the researchers examined the data, at the end of the study, they discovered the volunteers who had supplemented with lactoferrin showed a significant reduction in visceral fat (when compared to the placebo group). This lead the researchers to conclude supplementation with 300mg of lactoferrin can reduce visceral fat without the need for the changes in lifestyle that are usually associated with the weight loss process (diet + exercise). However, they also stated further study was required.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are thin on the ground and show a mixed response to the product.

“Abrexin totally works. I don’t exercise and I don’t pay too much attention to what I eat. All I do is take one tablet before I go to bed and I’ve already lost 5″ from my waist.”
Don’t believe the hype. Abrexin is a completed waste of time. I might as well have been taking a placebo. Did it help me sleep better? No. Did I lose any weight? No. Do I recommend them? NO. Will I buy again? When hell freezes over.”
I lost about 3 pounds last week, but that may have been due to diet and exercise so I’m not sure whether the tablets work or not. But 3lbs is not a lot to lose in a week, so if the pills are doing anything they are not doing it very fast and I don’t think they are helping to sleep any deeper. I still wake up several times a night.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Essential Lab claims Abrexin is a completely safe product that provides weight loss without side effects. However, they suggest women who are pregnant or nursing a child consult a doctor before taking any tablets.

Others Preferred

Where To Buy Abrexin

Abrexin is a diet pill designed to allow the user to reap fat burning benefits of thermogenesis while they are sleeping. The pills are produced and marketed by Essential Lab, but although there is an official Abrexin website, no shopping cart facility is supplied. The site provides links to several respected Canadian retailers, including Loblaws and Walmart, but at the time of this review Fitshop was the only supplier with an active sales page.

It would be fair to say that it is directed squarely at North American and particular the Canadian market, UK and Ireland based customers may find it difficult to buy.

We also found the product listed on The price was $59.95 for 40 tablets—$20 more than at Fitshop. Potential users also need to be aware Abrexin is sold without a money back guarantee.

Looking Elsewhere

PhenQ best diet pillWe prefer PhenQ – a multi action non prescription diet pills that utilises the mechanics of a fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant in the one tablet.

PhenQ has a long 60 day money back guarantee and also has no delivery charge to any worldwide destination. Feedback is also remarkably positive.

Read more on PhenQ here

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