Friday , 18 May 2018


Diet Pills Unlimited is an independent resource set up to provide information on the various diet products available to the commercial and non commercial (prescription only) market place.

Our main avenue of content is reviews on the different genres of diet pills such as fat burners, fat blockers, fat binders and appetite suppressants. There are hundreds of brands originating from and targeting virtually every country in the world that allows and practises free trade.

Our aim is provide an overview on the various diet pill brands with customer comments and the positives and negatives. We aim to be as independent as possible and not to favour any particular brand. There are instance where we have rated a particular product highly – this is due to certain criteria that has been met.

If you would like to contact us then please either use the contact page or better still leave a comment on the specific page you wish to comment. We do not publish comments posted on this page of the contact page, if you wish your comment to answered publicly or by us then please comment on the specific page your comment is connected to.