Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Diet Pills and Slimming Tablets for 2016

Best diet pills to buy

What are the best diet pills for 2016? We review hundreds of diet pills each year and are pretty good at spotting the highly effective brands, so we’ve decided to put together a short list of the best diet pills. All the products in the list are good, but please remember, if you want to get the most out of …

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Forskolin Fuel – can it help you burn fat quicker?

Forskolin Fuel Ingredients

  Forskolin Fuel is a weight loss supplement that is only available online and, although customer support contact telephone numbers are available for several major destinations (including the UK) all orders are shipped from the USA. According to the Forskolin Fuel website the capsules are “proudly made in the USA”, but the company that funds the production process— Santrinico Enterprises—is …

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Kyani Sunrise and Kyani Sunset – Review

Kyani Sunset

  Kyani Sunrise and Kyani Sunset and are food supplements produced by the Swedish company Kyani. Sunrise is produced in liquid form and packed into sachets that can be mixed with food or other liquids. It is designed for morning use. As the name suggests, Sunset capsules should be used during the later hours of the day. Kyani market and …

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Leptigen with Meratrim, Positives and Negatives

Leptigen website

  Leptigen is a diet pill produced in America and distributed worldwide via the official website. The marketing campaign is almost entirely focussed on the fat burning abilities of the ingredient Meratrim, but the formulation also contains three other ingredients and their combined presence accounts for almost 50% of the capsule content. The Advertised benefits include: Faster metabolism Accelerated fat loss …

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XLS Medical Max Strength with Clavitanol

XLS Medical MAX Strength

XLS Medical Max Strength is a combined fat and carb blocker produced by Omega Pharma and marketed under the XLS Medical Brand name. The company also markets a dedicated carb blocking supplement and two fat binders, but they state Max Strength is their most effective product to date and claim it is 33% more effective than their original fat binding …

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XLS Medical Fat Binder with Litramine – Review with customer comments

XLS Medical 1

XLS Medical Fat Binder is one of several fat binding products marketed under the XLS Medical Brand name. Like all fat binders it has been designed to help the user lose weight by restricting the body’s ability to digest food-provided fats. High fat and greasy foods—such as cheese, butter, and fried foods—provide 9 calories per gram of fat. Carbohydrate and …

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Forte Pharma 100% Lipo Review

Forte Pharma 100% Lipo

Forte Pharma 100% Lipo is a weight management supplement manufactured in France and exported to many European countries including the UK. The information page at the manufacturer’s website provides very little information about the ingredients used in the product or how it is designed to work, but the name suggests use of the capsules is intended to encourage lipolysis. Lipolysis …

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Proactol XS Review for UK and Ireland

Proactol XS box

  Proactol XS is a weight management supplement that works by binding dietary fats. Fat binders work in a very specific way and can be a particularly good option for people whose daily diet consists of too much greasy or high fat food. Dietary fats contain nine calories per gram, so they can be very damaging for the waistline and …

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Fenitrol – helps to reduce appetite and burns fat

Fenitrol Website

  Fenitrol is a weight management capsule produced in France and sold directly from the manufacturer’s website. It contains just three ingredients, but if the marketing hype is to be believed this special “cocktail” can provide all the support dieters are likely to need. Advertised benefits include: Helps reduce the appetite Limits hunger cravings Limits overeating Provides increased satiety Helps to …

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Sletrokor UK Review – Impartial review with customer comments

  Sletrokor is a weight management capsule produced in the USA by 18Nutrition. The company states Sletrokor “may” assist weight loss by: Providing appetite suppression Lowering blood pressure Lowering cholesterol Boosting the metabolism Improving the immune system Helping the digestive system Decreasing leptin levels Increasing serotonin levels Which is the UK and Ireland’s most popular and best selling diet pill? …

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Agufen 10 – a diet pill from the French marketplace

Agufen10 customer comments

  Agufen 10 is the “ultimate weapon” and taking just three capsules per day will provide all the slimming properties required to reduce the excess weight according to it’s manufacturers. These are bold claims, but weight loss formulations that have been designed to target weight loss from a number of different angles usually outperform supplements that provide just one weight loss …

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Grenade Killa Ketones – Female Only Fat Burner

Grenade Killa Ketones Advert

Grenade Killa Ketones is a weight loss supplement designed for women. It’s produced in the UK by Grenade, who boasts the capsules are Europe’s best selling fat burner. Although the company (Grenade) are well respected throughout the industry they do not provide evidence to support such a claim. According to the official sales page women store fat in different parts of …

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Carb Ease Plus Review With Positives and Negatives

Carb Esae Plus advert

Carb Ease Plus is a carb blocking product from the USA. The company headquarters is based in Texas, but the popularity of its direct marketing “business opportunity” means AdvoCare distributors can be found all over the North America. The AdvoCare opportunity does not appear to available here in the UK though, so British dieters who are looking for a good …

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Anaca 3 – diet pill from the French market

Anaca3 webiste

  Anaca 3 is made in Europe (France) and incredibly popular in France, Belgium and Switzerland.  This is a big positive because customers should usually receive their order within just a few days of placing the order. Anaca3 attacks excess fat and body weight on many levels. It is a total product with many weight loss success stories. Advertised Benefits Absorbs dietary fats …

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Fat Metaboliser Tablets – Sold At Holland And Barrett

Fat Metaboliser tablets

Fat Metaboliser is a food supplement that appears to be solely marketed via Holland & Barrett. The tablets are manufactured by a company called Nutrition Headquarters. Nothing is known about the company, and they do not appear to have an official web presence, but the fact that a store chain like Holland & Barrett are willing to be associated with …

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